Tell-U-Ride - Telluride - 8/30/2006

Here's another fun picture of hay bails.  I don't know why but I just love rolled up hay.

Today, Ed and I took 2 hours to climb 11 miles up the Dallas Divide.  This is just about right since I generally average about 5-6mph going up steep hills.  For those fans of Ed, don't worry, he can still ride fast with you unloaded; I believe he was just waiting around for my slow a$$.

Here I am climbing up the Divide.  I remember lots of huffing and puffing.

While resting, Ed showed me how to open the banana from the bottom, just like monkeys, just like Curious George.  That way, you just don't get that smushed tip.

While climbing the divide, we could see the road zig zagging up to the summit/pass/divide.  It sucks when you can see the road endlessly climbing and climbing.  While riding, Ed was giving me more riding pointers.  If I'm not matching my front wheel with his, then it's "one gear harder."  3 seconds later, "one more."  And there was often the "big chainring" suggestion.

When we finally got to 10,500 feet, we were robbed of a "summit" sign.  Perhaps it's because we didn't reach a summit.  What's a summit vs a pass vs a divide?  All that climbing and no official highway sign congratulating us.  Sucks.

After climbing the divide, we were rewarded with 13 miles of a slight downhill with a headwind.  It was about 45 minutes of just going downhill.  I like that!  We had lots of beautiful trees and red clay mountains today.

Here are our bikes taking a rest while going up another hill.

After a little more uphill, we arrived in Telluride, Colorado.  Talk about a beautiful downtown.  Mountains just blanket the backdrop of this town.  This place is absolutely gorgeous.  Definitely one of my favorite places in Colorado.  The downtown area is full of galleries, restaurants and clothing and jewelry stores.  We happened to arrive just before the Telluride Film Festival so there were lots of activities leading up to the film festival.  In the winter, this turns into a ski town with "Mountain Village" just a gondola ride away.  As I found out later, our favorite tabloid subject, TomKat, have a house in Telluride.  That's where they had their Annie Leibovitz Vanity Fair photo shoot.

When we parked our bikes, Ed went to get something to drink while I took out our tent footprint so we could hold a spot on the grass of a makeshift outdoor theater for tonight's free movie.  Moments later, I found Dave sportin' a new long sleeved shirt.  I guess it was cold enough these past few nights camping that he had to get more layers.  I wouldn't know because I like sleeping on a bed indoors.  Actually, I do know because walking home from dinner these past 2 nights have been so cold.

Ed asked me to look at the hotel across the street to see if I liked it.  I'm sure it was fine, but okay, I'll go look.  When I went upstairs to look at the room, I just had the biggest grin on my face.  Of course I like it.  In fact, I love it!  It's the nicest hotel I've stayed in this entire trip.  It's rare that we stayed in a HOtel, it's usually more MOtels.  And, this HOtel was definitely a nice one.  It's called the New Sheridan Hotel.  Don't know why the word "new" is in it because it's a historical hotel built in 1895.  Actually, it's "new" because the original one was built in 1891 and burned down 3 years later.

Very happy with the accommodations, I came outside with a chocolate chip cookie in one hand (from the hotel front desk) and a Gatorade in the other.  What more do I need?  Look how estatic I am as I ruin Dave's picture.  No, he wasn't taking a picture for  I just told him to strike a pose or something.  Smile.  Look happy like you're posing for a picture for, already.  Disregard the incorrect date on the picture from Ed's camera.  We arrived in Telluride on August 30th.

While we checked into the hotel, Dave went in search of a campsite.  After our showers, Ed and I went walking around the main strip.  Here I am in front of the hotel.

There are so many bicycles in Telluride; it's a very bicycle-friendly town.  We went into this really nice art gallery and jewelry store.  To Ed's surpise, I said I'd rather have an original painting than the jewelry.  It's not like the man offered to buy me either, so it didn't really matter.  Here we are at the end of the street, in a park.  The scenery is just amazing.

We had dinner at a nice Italian restaurant.  It was definitely nice to finally have dinner at a non-family/diner place.  After dinner, we packed on the layers to sit outdoors for 2 hours for a movie.  I believe I wore just about every layer I owned.  I even borrowed a blanket from the hotel to keep me warmer.  The movie, Return to Oz, started and no sign of Dave.  He was trying to also catch a free concert in Mountain Village (a gondola ride away) a few hours earlier.  He finally texted me when he got to the grass/movie area.  I couldn't exactly talk to him so I just flipped my phone in the air and he saw the light from my phone and found us.  How many times have you done that in a movie theater?  Anyway, the movie was very weird.  Certainly not for the young kids.  Very morbid and bizarre.  Let's just say it starts off with Dorothy's family putting her into a home to get electroshock therapy for these imaginary friends she had in Oz.

After the movie, Dave and Ed had a man to man talk while I gave them their privacy and tried to play Fur Elise on the dining room piano.  This is about the only song I can still play on the piano after my (I think) 9 years of piano lessons.