St. Louis Arch - Kirkwood - 8/3/2006

Prepared to take public transportation into downtown St. Louis, Minh's family insisted on driving Dave and me to the Arch - the gateway to the West.  They're too kind.

Here we are with the Arch.  It's really difficult to get a good picture with the Arch because the thing is so big.  630 feet to be exact.

Inside the Arch, Thanh, Dave and I watched the movie on the making of the Arch.  Very cool.  The thing that struck us most was they were building this thing and walking around without any harnesses!

Here I am inside the Arch looking at downtown St. Louis on one side and Illinois on the other side.  I think the coolest thing that you can see from the top is right into the Cardinals' baseball diamond.

Here is my attempt at some artistic photography from the top/inside the Arch.

Here's another artistic photographic view of the Arch outside.

After the Arch, it was time for some Vietnamese beef broth soup, pho, for lunch!  Yum - so good!

For dinner, we had dinner with Minh's Mom and Dad, Thanh and Minh's brother, sister-in-law and niece at a Vietnamese restaurant.  I had requested the entire meal selection earlier in the day and Dad called ahead to the restaurant to make sure they had all the ingredients.  It was the best meal since I've been on the trip!  Staying with Minh's family was great.  It was like being at home.

After dinner, Minh's Mom and I made some shrimp and pork and rice for the road trip ahead.  Don't worry, this particular dish is so salty and dehydrated that it's not going to go bad without refrigeration.  That's why we made this particular dish.  Yum.