So Hot - Monon - 7/28/2006

This morning, we woke up to a French toast and sausage breakfast.  The French toast on Texas country bread (big thick slice - hence the Texas part of the name) was so good that I hoovered 3 pieces.  To my surprise, Dave only had 2 slices.  He's usually the one doing the hoovering.

After breakfast, Host-Dave and Lavina saw us off to the grocery store as on their tandem.  Very cute couple.

Indiana has surprising a bunch of rolling hills.  Well, at least the route that we were on.  Today was very hot and humid because it rained a lot last night.  When the sun finally came out from the clouds, it was even more hot.

At lunch, we stopped on the side of the road and just had our picnic lunch on somebody's lawn.  Since it was so damn humid from last night's rain, there were flies everywhere.  It was so gross.  I could not eat in peace.  The thought of those flies landing on poo and then landing on me or my food grosses me out.  They would not stop landing on us.  Finally, I had to just stand up and walk around eating my lunch.  Sheeit.  No rest, even at lunch.  Although I knew no one was home, I still knocked on the door of the house of the lawn where had lunch.  If they were home, then I'd ask to come in and wash my hands from lunch.  Since they weren't home, I helped myself to their hose to clean my hands and eating utensils.

Today was difficult because there weren't any services (gas stations, convience stores, form of life) forever.  All the other days, it was hot, but at least we were able to stop in a store of sorts to bogart some air conditioning/rest for a while.  Finally I saw some people sitting in their indoor porch so I stopped to ask them if I could fill up my water bottles.  No problem.  Inside their air conditioned house getting ice and water, I wondered why they were sitting out on the warmer fanned porch.  Sheeit - I'd be indoors on a day like this if I wasn't cycling cross country.

I was chased by at least 6 yappy dogs today.  I haven't been chased by any other dogs since the trip.  I guess Indiana-ns keep their dogs unleashed more so than New Yorkers, Pennsylvania-ns, and Ohio-ians.  What's the official way of saying people from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana?

Here are some cows I encountered today.  Believe it or not, we haven't seen many cows/animals.  The farming crop of choice thusfar are corn, soy and winter wheat.

For sleep, we stayed at a campground that had a pool.  The site also had a lodge where I spent most of my time to avoid the bugs that I oh so love while camping.