Silverton - Durango - 9/7/2006

We ate at French bakery/restaurant this morning.

I had a delicous "croissantwich".

After breakfast, Ed and I boarded a bus to Silverton.  Dave did not want to join us.  It's advised that you take the steam train one way and the bus the other way.  Taking the train both ways would just take too damn long.  By the time we got our tickets, our option was to take the bus there and the train back.  Fine with me because this way, we get to see what the road would have been had we ridden our bikes there.  The answer is, the road would have sucked.  Getting there, you have to go over two mountain passes.  And, there was little to no shoulder.

There's a race called the Iron Horse where cyclist race the train to Silverton.  The bicycles basically take the bus route while the train goes along the foot of the mountain.  I think it's a 50 mile bike ride of pure uphill.  It takes the train 3 hours to get to Silverton.  Unbelievable but lots of cyclists are able to beat the train.

Here are some nice views going to Silverton.

Some lake.

Once we got to Silverton, we just shopped around the town.  There's lots of old memorabilia and store fronts reminiscent of the old west.

Funny that this sign was actually real at one point.

Wonder if this sign was for real.

Here's an old war tank-type jeep.  Funny story.  We were standing around admiring it.  Then this man sees us looking at it and gives us permission to sit in there and he would take a picture for us.  I was hesitant to get in because Ed was the one who really liked it so I was going to just have him in the picture.  As the man was waiting, he says, "get in there, woman."  What choice did I have other than to get in at that point?

We had a delicious Texas barbeque for lunch.  Yum yum!

Here's the return steam train.

The engineer guy was kind of cute.

Chuga chuga chuga...  The train really made that noise when it was moving.

Ed became such a little boy when he was around the train.  He loved everything about the train.  Earlier he got to go into the front train and look at the coals and stuff.  I guess most men still like trains just like they did when they were boys.

The ride home was nice.  We were pretty much going along the Animas River.  The views were amazing.  At one point we were going over a gorge also.

It's so funny that when you're on a train, people just have to wave as you're passing.  What is it about trains that all people feel compelled to wave as it goes by.  And I'm not just talking about people who are with children.  Adults (without children) also wave.  Perhaps they are just returning the wave from us passengers.  If that's the case, why do passengers of trains feel compelled to wave at passerbys?  The cycle goes on.  It's cute.

Three hours later back in Durango, Ed and I shopped some more.  Then it was dinner time.  We ate at Ken & Sue's - a really good restaurant.  I had the gnocchi with asparagus, mushrooms and gorgonzola cheese.  It was so good, it gets a mention in my website.  Yum.