Shopping - Ridgway - 8/29/2006

Today was just a play day.  No riding what so ever.  Actually, we did ride from our motel to the hot springs, but that was all but about 3 miles.

Ed and I shopped around town.  Neither one of us got anything but it was just fun walking around, window shopping.  We had lunch at a cute cafe where I called Dave and he joined us late.  Afterward, we walked around some more.  Dave went grocery shopping.  We agreed to meet at the hot springs around 4pm.  I went to the library to internet a bit while Ed slept in the park.  At 4pm, Ed tore me away from the library to go soak in the springs.  Not to our surprise, Dave did not go to the springs; he texted me later saying he already left town without us.  Whatever.

Here's a picture of the boys before Dave ditched us.

We had dinner at the same John Wayne place and walked home in the same cold evening weather with all the bright stars above.

Just a nice relaxing day.