Just Another Day on the KATY Trail - Sedalia - 8/7/2006

I don't have many notes for today, either because I forgot to write stuff down in my journal or because it was just another day on the KATY Trail.  Only thing new that I noticed today on the trail were all these verticle cracks.  It was kind of scary because sometimes you get your tires stuck in it and you better get them out fast or else you fall.  Makes the ride a little less enjoyable because now you can't just look at all the surroundings, you really have to pay attention to the road.

It was burning hot today.  When we got to Sedalia, we went to the post office to mail some stuff home.  Leaving the post office, I retardedly fell upon starting again.  I can't blame the wind this time.  I clipped in with my right foot.  I pushed off ever so lightly and before getting any momentum, I saw a car milling around the post office parking lot so I let him have the right of way.  As a result, I tipped over.  Ugh!  I need training wheels!

Afterward, we went to the library where I Internetted for the rest of the afternoon.  Dave left in search of a church or host family but did not find one.  In his usual form, he was starving and sat down at a park and ate a complete dinner while I sat outside the closed library, luckily sheltered from the rain, a little hungry, waiting for him to come back so we can check into m/hotel.  When Dave was full, he finally came back to the library.  We rode to the m/hotel, where I took my shower, made my dinner, and read my book in the lobby.

Here are some pictures from the day.

Here's an old MKT (Missouri Kansas Texas) train.  Look, it's radio equipped.

Here's the Boonville train depot.

One of the last remaining train signals.

One of the best sandwiches/lunches ever!  French bread, roast beef, cheddar cheese, bell peppers (from Boston from 2 night's ago's camping), and mustard.

And here's some corn that is dehydrating (by design).  Interesting that most of the corn that we see on the road is not for human consumption at all.  Most is for animal feed.