Sunrise - Scott City - 8/15/2006

I don't remember why we woke up so early this morning (presumably to beat the heat) but we were out of the motel by 6:00am!  It was definitely dark and cold.  Here I am with my very first Gatorade energy bar.  Not sure if it wasn't that great of a bar or if the one I had was stale.  I had to take what I could get since Clif Bars were not available.

Here's the pre-dawn road behind us (this is an Eastern sky and we're traveling Westbound).

Here I am pre-dawn.

The road was very foggy.  I couldn't see the boys in front of me.  It was scary that I could hear 18-wheelers but I couldn't see them in my rear view mirror.  If I couldn't see them, tells you how well they could see me.  I had my red rear flashing lights on, but you had to get really close to an object before you could see anything this morning.

I got a good picture of Dave during the sunrise.

All three of us saw 7 deer crossing the road, bouncing, this morning.  It was quite a scene.  I wasn't able to capture that on film (actually, megapixels).  Here's another serene picture from the morning fog.

With nothing between point A and point B, we finally got some breakfast about 30 miles down the road.  As you can see, we were pretty hungry.

Look at this crazy farming equipment.  I forget what it's for.  Hersh talked to a John Deere representative and he told him that it's that high so it can drive over the crops.  But, I forget what the machine is actually for.  The two Daves can actually ride under this truck since they are so low to the ground with their recumbents!

At one point today, a man driving a pick up truck on the other side of the road honked and gave me a very enthusiastic thumbs up as he passed.  So fun when drivers appreciate what you're doing.  Here I am on the side of the road trying to catch some Zzzs since we woke up so early this morning.

We had a grocery foods lunch in a city park today.  It was the nastiest lunch I've ever had.  The food itself was fine.  The fact that 1000s of flies tried to join us was so gross that I could barely eat anything.  You just had to swat the flies every other second.  I lost my appetite and told the boys I'd meet them in the library when they were done eating.

That evening, we stayed in a hostel for cyclists.  It was basically a room in a rec center of sorts where we slept on the floor or sofa.  The man who runs it did the Bikecentennial cross country ride in 1976.