Day Before the Climb of My Life - Salida - 8/25/2006

This morning, Ed and I woke up to find that Dave already left without us.  Strange.  No note, no voicemail, he just left.  Anyhow, here's a picture of Donna, Jerry and Jake.

Today was 40 miles of just gradual climbing along the Arkansaw River.  Here's another scenery shot (or Ed's butt - whichever one you prefer to look at).

Share the road with peds and bicycles!

Here I am modeling my new cycling jersey from Gus.  He sent it to Donna's house so this is my first day I could wear it and wear it I did.  I think Microsoft owes me an XBox 360 for my free promotion of it.

We arrived in Salida in the afternoon and met Dave at a bike shop.  I got a new front tire to replace the one with the gash in it from my 1st flat.  Ed didn't want me to go down the Continental Divide with a bad tire.

After some bike maintenance, Dave decided he wanted to leave us again and ride some more.  Not sure why he would do that when a rain storm was minutes away (look at the clouds in the above picture).  Unfortunately for us, the storm was threatening so we left the cute downtown of Salida in search of housing.  We arrived at a motel just seconds before it poured.  It was too bad the rain happened because by the time we got to the motel, it was far enough from downtown that we didn't want to head back into town.  After dinner, we made sure our bikes were ready for tomorrow's climb.

How crazy is this.  I realized today that tomorrow, I'm about to cross the Great Divide.  I've been thinking about this moment since before the journey started.