Toilet Dump - Pueblo - 8/19/2006

This morning, we had breakfast with Gillian.  It was really cool talking to her about the prison system.

Here's one of the two prisons that we passed today.  Not sure why but Colorado sure has a bunch of prisons.  It's a growing industry, I hear.  As you can see from the picture, today was cool and overcast.

Here's Dave waiting for me in the middle of the street.  I wonder what the motorists think when they see him like this.

When we pulled into a gas station convenience store for lunch, this truck driver said he saw us (while he was driving) yesterday in Haswell, Colorado at another convenience store.  What I don't understand is if he's in an 18-wheeler and we're on bicycles, how come we both ended up at the same place the following day?

We made it to Pueblo, Colorado today.  To my surprise, Pueblo is a toilet dump.  It was the first big city we've been to in a long time and for some reason, I was expecting more than just a run down, ghetto-ish city.  Amazingly, they have a big ass library.  It's so big and nice, it almost looks like a museum.  Since we were warned by the bike shop people about bike thievery, we parked our bikes between the door entrances, completely not blocking anything.  Unfortunately, while we Internetting, a cop comes by my computer and asked if I parked my bike where we did.  I said yes and he said he had to move them outside.  Sheit.  Was it hurting anyone?  Funny thing about this story is the cop went looking around for someone who looked like a cyclist.  Notice he came to me and not Dave.  Dave looks like a beach goer in his Speedo and tank top.

When we were done at the library, it was raining pretty hard.  We waited for the rain to die down by having a brownie in the library cafe.  Unable to wait forever, we finally headed out in the rain.  It was freezing.  When we got to a Mexican restaurant for dinner, the waitress was kind enough to give me a clean rag so I could clean myself.  I was very disappointed in my fajitas dinner - everyone said this restaurant was authentic.  Fajitas should be (or at least how I've always had it and I like it) just sliced steak and some sauteed bell peppers and onions.  This version of the fajitas was stir fried beef and veggies.  It was really nasty.  I forced myself to eat it along with the rice and beans for whatever nutritional value there was.

When we left the restaurant, there was a rainbow in the sky.  In fact, there were two, but this picture only shows one.  Not sure I've seen a rainbow with most of the arch before.  Was nice.

We stayed at a motel tonight that was in my opinion, one step up from camping.  I wasn't sleeping in a sleeping bag on the dirt but just like camping, I was grossed out by my surroundings and even had to wear flip flops in the mo' because I deemed it that gross.  Get me out of Pueblo, and fast.