Pacific Ocean - Stinson Beach - 10/9/2006

I had presumably my last grocery store breakfast this morning at Whole Foods.  It's good to be in Northern California and have familiar stores.

I left Petaluma and headed towards Point Reyes National Seashore.  The country road there was a little hilly.  I eventually made it to the French Cheese Factory where I had some cheese samples.  I couldn't buy anything because the smallest portion was too much for one.

Onward to the coast.  Instead of doing the A-squared to Point Reyes and then the B-squared to Olema (city a few miles below Point Reyes), I decided to do the C-squared to Olema.  It was a bit hilly.  I wonder how the few miles to Point Reyes would have been.  Once in Olema, I was on Pacific Coast Highway 1.  As of right now, I was still inland a little.  No worries since the scent of the Eucalyptus trees made up for the lack of an ocean view.  Eucaplyptus trees totally remind me of living in San Francisco and cycling through the Presidio.

After a while, I had my first sighting of the Pacific Ocean.  Unfortunately fog was also present.

Eventually, I was finally at sea level with the Pacific Ocean literally a few feet from me.  It was a great feeling to officially be on the West Coast.  I definitely had a big smile on my face as I was getting closer to my day's destination of Stinson Beach.

I was so happy to see the sign that said, "Stinson Beach 3/4 mile."  I'm there!  As far as I'm concerned, this is pretty much the finish line.  Seeing the 4-way stop sign in the town of Stinson Beach made it official.  I was there.  I cycled across America!

I went to a real estate office in town to get a key to my friend's, Butch, beach house.  Afterward, I went to the Parkside Cafe a late lunch.  As I was rolling into the parking lot, this guy yells out to his wife, "Honey, this is going to be my next vehicle."  I replied, "Then you're going to have to go cross country in it."  He was in awe and estastic that I literally just finished going cross country on my bike and he was there to witness it.  He asked a bunch of questions and yelled to his wife in the distance about my accomplishment.  The entire parking lot/park heard that I just finished riding cross country.  I got a few "congrats" from people who heard the exchange.

I had a nice California-style (can't get this in the middle of the country!) salad at the cafe while making phone calls to my biggest fans.

After lunch, I went to the beach for an obligatory Pacific Ocean picture.  Since the wife and kids of the guy I met in the parking lot was many steps ahead of him, I didn't actually see her.  By fate, I happened to walk towards her to ask her to take a picture of me.  Jen knew who I was and talked to me about my trip.  Eventually husband Josh woke up from his nap and came over and chatted.  Leaving the beach, Josh said he and Jen wanted to invite me over to stay at their house in Mill Valley (at least 10 miles away) but they just moved and stuff was all over the place.  That was very nice of them to have the thought.  Lucky for me, I had a nice beach house waiting for me.

Butch's house is in a gated community.  Nice!  Walking into his house was definitely like walking into a vacation rental.  This is a good way to end my trip.  Here's the view from the backyard.  So relaxing.

Did you notice all the fog in each of today's pictures.  I'll be really bummed if when I'm crossing the Golden Gate Bridge tomorrow, it's all foggy and people can't even tell I'm on the bridge.  Actually, if it's foggy, it's a sure sign I'm on the Golden Gate Bridge.  It will be a bummer if my welcoming committee is on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge and it's all foggy and you can't even see the bridge in the background of the pictures.

Anyhow, when Butch came home, he came with cheese and crackers and Gatorade.  Yummy.  After our snack, we went kayaking.  As he was getting out the kayak, he asked if I wanted the Princess seat, meaning I wasn't paddling and therefore he only had to get out one paddle.  Ahh, Butchy knows me.  We went around the lagoon looking at the beautiful houses.

For dinner, we went to the Sand Dollar.  I dined on a bunch of seafood appetizers.  Butch's father joined us after a bit.  After dinner we did laundry and chilled out in the hot tub.  After that, I read my journal to refresh my memory of the past 94 days.

I can't believe tomorrow I will cross the Golden Gate Bridge...