Sugar Daddy City - Ordway - 8/18/2006

This morning, we had the best motel breakfast ever.  They had a waffle maker!  How fun to make your own waffles for breakfast.  While having breakfast, I spoke to a man I met last night while I was on the Internet and he was checking into the motel.  This older gentleman, John, is going cross country (Washington to Massachuettes) by himself and in little increments.  He started a few years ago from Washington and got as far as Wyoming where he ran into some health issues.  After recovering and gaining back his health for a few years, he picked up where he left off.  This year, he's doing Wyoming to Kansas.  He's trying to do as much of Kansas as possible before the school year starts in September (professor at some college in Massachuettes).  Next year, he'll just pick up where he left off again.  He's so cute.  He's got an old school bike, sneakers, no clips, etc.  Very old school equipment.  He averages 40 miles per day, 50 miles is a push, but today, he has to do 60 miles to get to Tribune (previous town where I was last night, the only/next town to Eads).  And unfortunately, he has a very strong headwind today to contend with.  I wish him the very best luck on this year's cross country trip and the following years' cross country trips until he reaches the East Coast.  We exchanged contact info.  If the timing is right, I'd like to do the last leg of his cross country endeavor when he gets to Massachuettes.  I love the determination of people like John.

This morning, we also said good-bye to Hersh.  After all the planning and plotting last night, Hersh decided to do the C-squared to Denver.  Bye, Hersh, it was nice riding with you and getting to know you.  Hope you can greet us on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge when we get there (Hersh is taking a job in the Bay Area when he's done touring).

At 9:00am this morning, I had my second zen moment of the trip.  It was just open fields of grass and plains.  There was a windmill, hay, no noise, no wind, no cars.  Again, I had to stop and just soak it in.  For the first time in a long time, I am relaxed.  I am completely relaxed.  No job, no worries in the world, just cycling.  I am cyclist.  My only job is to cycle around the country.  I highly recommend this form of therapy for everyone.

Here's a scenery shot of the road we're on.

Here's what the side of the highway looks like.  So pretty.

Again, I had to decorate my normally boring handlebar bag with some flowers.

At lunch, we stopped in Arlington, Colorado (not Virginia) for lunch.  Just a simple picnic table on the side of the road.  The rest stop was equipped with an outhouse.  In the portajohn, they even had a guest book for all the cyclists to write their name and route.  I took this opportunity to memorialize my stop in Arlington.

Later in the day, we finally arrived at my favorite city on the trip.  Sugar Daddy City!  I've been looking forward to getting to this city since I saw it on the map.  Earlier on the trip, we were supposed to have cycled through Manville, Illinois.  But before we got there, that's when we decided to get off the Adventure Cycling route and jump on Route 66.  I've been bummed since then, but now that I've arrived at Sugar Daddy City, I've forgetton about my loss of finding a man in Manville.

In Sugar Daddy City, I found my man.  He's a 71 year old retiree running a convenience store.  He just turned 71 over the weekend.  He gave himself a present of retiring on his birthday.  What I didn't understand is why he recently took over the convenience store.  If he knew he was retiring, why did he recently buy the convenience store?  Anyhow, my sugar daddy wants to sell his farm and horses and get in his RV and drive around the country.  Hehe.  Can you see me in an RV?  Anyhow, this man was generous enough to let us fill up our water bottles and jugs with filtered water from his filtered water machine (which he normally charges people for).

When we arrived in Ordway, Colorado, we tracked down the house of this warm showers woman.  She wasn't home but there were instructions inside for us.  Basically, make ourselves at home and she'll see us tomorrow morning.  Gillian is a prison guard who works the afternoon to evening shift.  We've gotten this so much throughout our travels, but it still amazes me that people just let strangers into their home while they're not there.  We had heard about Gillian as far as Missouri as as close as this afternoon when we ran into another cross country cyclist.  Gillian is just an amazing woman who opens up her house to cross country cyclists.

While I was showering, Dave went to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for dinner.  I made spaghetti, corn on the cob, salad and garlic bread.  I love getting to cook while on the road.  Even if it's just spaghetti.  Look at the crazy tan line on my legs.  It looks like I'm wearing stockings.

The reason why Dave is only wearing a towel is because we're doing our laundry.  Later in the evening while I was Internetting away, I heard some rain coming down hard!  Since our laundry was hanging outside, we had to run outside and grab our laundry off the clothes line.  It sucks because our clothes were pretty much dry already but now we had to let them dry again indoors.

Since I stayed up to Internet, I met Gillian when she came home.  We exchanged only a few words because she was tired and wanted to take her shower and go to bed.