No More Dr. Ed - Dolores - 9/10/2006

So sad.  This morning, we said bye to Ed.

Here's Dave and me leaving the mo'.

Team Maggie rides again.

Leaving Durango was 15 miles of going uphill.  It sucked.  It didn't seem to stop, that uphill.  When it did and we arrived in Mancos (we were there before, remember?), I wanted to eat at that wonderful bakery.  But dammit, when we got there around 2:00pm, they were closed.  It was Sunday and they closed at noon.  Sucks.  So, we settled for a hamburger smothered with chili.  This was good, but I was really looking forward to the goodies at the bakery!

Riding from Mancos back to Dolores was full of strong headwinds.  Dammit.  Why is it always windy and uphill on this trip?  At one point, I looked back at the road that we were pedaling and saw snowcapped mountains.  So nice.  This was the first time I saw snowcapped mountains on this trip.  So, it either snowed recently or this is a new mountain range I hadn't seen before.  So many mountains in Colorado - I'm sure it's one I hadn't seen before.

After getting a little wet from the obligatory afternoon Colorado rain, we arrived in Dolores.  Before going down in Dolores valley, we made phone calls on top of the hill.  In Dolores, we hit the grocery store because Dave had talked to someone there before and was hoping he could set us up with housing.  While Dave was "doing his thing" (this is what I call it when Dave trolls the neighborhood in hopes of free housing), I took a picture of the birds that Ed took a week ago.  Looks like these birds are a little fatter than last week.

After the connection at the grocery store didn't pan out, we found a Baptist Church which opened their doors for us.  Reverend Walter and his wife Rachael were kind enough to let us stay in the church.  It was neat.  This was the first time of all our church stays that we actually stayed in the sanctuary.  The other times, we stayed in the rec room, an office or the pastor's house, but never the actual sanctuary.

For dinner, I made some spaghetti (it's been a while since we had carbs) and a spinach salad.  Our hosts gave us some homemade coleslaw from the afternoon's lunch.  After dinner, I Internetted a little bit next door at the reverend's house then went to sleep in my sleeping bag on a pew.