My Sweet Lord (Hallelujah) - Fremont - 7/24/2006

I woke up this morning feeling amazingly 90-95% of my normal self.  So glad.  Here's a picture of me drinking my beverage of choice for breakfast.

So sad, today is our last day of riding along Lake Erie.  Here's our last shot of the Lake.

Now, we're in corn country.  Dave made a comment where the next time that we'll see a body of water that goes beyond the horizon is San Francisco.  Crazy, huh?  Our "Lake Erie" will now be fields of corn.

Here's a silly picture I saw while parking my bike along a wall beforg going into a grocery store.

We had the strongest headwind possible today.  Maybe because we got away from the lake?  Maybe because this is just how the Midwest is going to be for the rest of our ride.  The wind was really, really strong.  We're talking I'm down to 7 mph (from 13-14 mph on a flat with no wind).  Look at how the corn is leaning because of the wind.

For our lunch and mid-day sun escape, we had lunch under the shade of a big tree.  It was so cute, the elderly woman next door was mowing her lawn on her riding mower.  When we were done with lunch, I went over to her to ask for some water.  People are so nice just letting me into their house for water and a bathroom break.

After lunch, we saw 2 sets of cross country cyclist.  1st pair were two guys who started in Washington state and going to New York state and Maine.  3rd guy we saw was with the 1st 2 guys for some time but left them for some sightseeing.  He was trying to catch them to have someone to ride more of the trip with.

Today we had a nice bike trail.  I said, "this is so nice it makes you forget you're in Iowa, I mean Ohio."  See, it was so nice that it made me forget I was in Ohio!  What was so nice about it was it was a bike/pedestrian path with no cars and no views of corn.  Reminds me a lot of the C&O Canal bike path from Georgetown to Bethesda in Washington DC.

At the end of the day, we had to get in our usual look for alternative housing mode.  We stopped at the first chuch we came to, the Hermitage Church.  The lady who answered the door let us in when we asked for the pastor.  Pastor Tracey agreed to letting us set up camp in the backyard as he lured us into the dining room for some Bible study.  He immediately asked me my religion and if I believed in God and these things.  I just listened to what he had to say as he recited verses from the Bible.  I don't mind listening and learning these things but after about an hour of it, I had to interrupt and ask if we could excuse ourselves because after a long day of riding, I needed food.  I was really really hungry, especially after fighting all that wind.

The pastor offered to take us to a buffet restaurant in town.  The restaurant did not make any money from Dave and me.  We both had 2 full plates of food, plus salad, plus lots of fruit.  Dave said he could have had more but it was getting late and I was anxious to call it a night.

Back at the house, we were offered showers and sleeping indoors on the sofa.  Yes, no camping!