More Shopping - Durango - 9/9/2006

Another day in Durango and more shopping.  Ed and I got to a farmer's market in downtown around 12:30pm and places were closing up shop.  Confused that they would close so early, I asked a vendor if they were closing up shop or setting up.  The person replied, "Oh, we're shutting down.  We've been here since 7:00am."  What?  They've been at this for 5 1/2 hours and they acted as if they've been working all day.  Sheit, in New York City, the farmer's market runs from 8:00am to 4:00 or 5:00pm.  And they're doing this every other day in Union Square.  Anyhow, we bought some pastry and since it was the end of the day, a vendor gave us another piece for free.  That was cool.  And I think we got free lemonaid, too.  Don't remember.  Too bad we weren't there earlier to check out more vendors.

Afterward, we ran across a street fair of sorts.  It was a coffee festival.  Too bad I don't put poison in my body or else I would have had lots to choose from.  At the street fair, they had some not so attractive women (girls) doing a really uncoordinated dance.  Didn't seem like they had a lot of practice (or exercise!).  Sheit, I don't even like to wear things that show my belly yet these ladies were in belly dancing outfits.  Some people can show off their bellies, some people should not.

Ed and I walked around the shops some more.  I think by now the shop owners knew who we were.  I didn't buy anything.  Perhaps Ed bought another ranger set.  I think in total he bought 5-6 ranger sets!

Now that it's almost the end of my virtual vacation from cycling, it was time to do laundry so I could have fresh clothes for the roadtrip ahead.  So, we went back to the motel where I did the laundry and Ed made sure my bike was in tip top shape again.  We also watched some Super Saturday action at the U.S. Open on TV.

After our chores, we went back downtown for dinner.  We ate at Ken and Sue's again because it was so good the first time, I just wanted to make sure I had a "last supper" before I headed back on the road, away from a "big" town.  I'm sure this was going to be my last best meal before I got to California.  Ed and I shared some appetizers and the same delicious gnocchi from the other day.  We had ice cream in the cold Colorado evening for dessert.  And, when walking home, we ran into Jason (remember that guy Dave befriended in Gunnison who is riding from Alaska to Chile?).  It was neat.  The three of us kind of just did a double take as we passed each other.  We chatted with him for a bit and headed home for our last night in Durango.

Tomorrow Ed leaves :-(