Two Flats - Montrose - 8/27/2006

Dave met Ed and me at the grocery store in the morning and the three of us rode out together for the first time since Ed's arrival.  Here's a great scenery picture.

Today's ride usually had a lake/river on one side and a cliff/mountain on the other.  The views are just amazing in Colorado.  I love the reflection in the water in this picture.

Watch out for the big horned sheep.

Here I am writing in my journal while waiting for Dave to fix a flat.  At least he decided to get a flat at a location with beautiful scenery.  In total, Dave had 2 flats today.  That would be flats #9 and 10.  I myself am only up to 2 flats total on the trip.  Knock on wood that's all I get.

We had 4 significant uphills today and only 2 truck downhills.  This was one of the nice truck downhills we had.  Cliffs on one side and a river on the other.  So pretty - pictures just can't capture what I saw live.

For lunch, we pulled into the town of Cimerron.  The "grocery store" did not really have anything that I wanted to eat.  Seeing our disappointment in the food selection and understanding our need for food from climbing, the store owner went into his own personal freezer and offered us frozen pizzas!  How delightful.  I can't remember the last time I had a frozen pizza but this one sure was good.  I could just have about eaten anything; well, not anything since I poo-poo'ed at all the food items in the store.

Here's a good one of Dave and me riding after lunch.  Notice I am in the suicide lane.

Here are two more scenery pictures which I think show how hilly today's ride was.  (You can always click on any picture to get a larger image.)


The last 10 miles today was a nice slow downhill.  Very nice.

After a mediocre dinner, Ed and I went back to our motel while Dave rough camped in a family's backyard (after receiving permission earlier).