Finally Out of Colorado - Monticello - 9/12/2006

Today, Dave insisted on forging on, despite his weakened condition.  I tried to tell him that I'm sure the pastor would let us stay another day if he wanted to rest, but Dave doesn't like to stay idle.  So forge on we went.

We had breakfast at the one restaurant in town - the same place I ate last night where it was confirmed I was a skinny little girl.  It was good to see that Dave had an appetite and was able to eat his breakfast.

Once on the road, the street sign said 8 miles to Utah!  Woo hoo.  I know Dave is happy to finally leave Colorado.

Here we are at the Utah border.  We got limited cell phone reception there so I made some quick phone calls to friends and family sharing the good news.

Amazing that Dave is all sick but still able to somehow scale this sign.

There was lots of road paving going on.  We were allowed to ride in the shoulder, going against traffic.  We just moved really far left on the shoulder when oncoming traffic came.

Today's terrain provided lots of rolling hills.

We arrived at the next town, Monticello, 26 miles down the road.  This is pronounced monti-sell-o, not monti-chell-o, as in home of Thomas Jefferson.  We were supposed to have made it here yesterday had Dave not been sick.  No worries.  I'm not in a rush.

Since Dave still wasn't feeling well, we opted to stay in town.  We got here really early.  So early that the library wasn't even open yet (wait, it was either early or the library open late!).  Meanwhile, we contacted Pastor John at the First Baptist Church, a connection made from Reverend Walter back in Dolores two days ago.  Pastor John was wondering what took us so long.  Of course we explained Dave was sick so we couldn't make it as far yesterday.

While waiting for the pastor to be free to meet us at the church, we internetted away at the library when it finally opened.  I was so happy to just be typing away that I never had lunch today.  I was really hungry after all the computer time, but I guess since I didn't ride that much, I wasn't in that much of a hurry to eat.

When the pastor was able to meet us, we headed to the church.  Inside, he showed us how they have their own radio antenna/frequency to broadcast a church radio show.  Was pretty cool.  Afterward, I took a shower that they had in the church.  They installed a shower, right there on the side of "center stage" (what is this called in church terms?) inside.  I asked why the pastor had a shower in the church and he said for this exact reason - to take in folks like us who need a place to stay for the night.  So nice.  Unfortunately, my shower was ice cold.  They either forgot to turn on the hot water or it wasn't working.  That's okay.  I'd rather have a cold shower than no shower.

For dinner, this husband/wife combo was serving barbeque in their outdoor restaurant.  The BBQ was good!  So sad, though, because I'm pretty sure I was the only one who ate that night!  Dave wasn't in the mood for BBQ so he walked to the grocery store to pick up some food items that he felt he could stomach.

After dinner, I stayed up pretty late internetting away on the church computer.  Afterward, I slept on a cot they placed in the kitchen eating/common area.  Dave slept on one of the eating tables.