Taste of Nevada - Milford - 9/24/2006

This morning, Dave took for f'in ever to get ready.  WTF was he doing when I was making breakfast instead of packing his bike?

When we finally left Kyle's house, we took Route 130 to leave Cedar City.  This was a very lonely highway.  It was empty and relatively flat.  Is this what's to come in Nevada?  The terrain is dry and arid.

Then we had a little bit of climbing.  We came to a summit at 6570 feet.  I spit at 6570 feet (imagine me spitting like a French person).

Here's a view of our lonely highway.

Dave in a distance.

Funny how 2 days ago, we were freezing our asses off and today, Dave's back to his shorts.

We had lunch at a gas station convenience store.  I asked them about Highway 21.  "You went over that pass, didn't you?"  I'm thinking, "what pass?"  On Highway 21, it was windier than I'd like, but it wasn't anything to cry about.

Today was pretty uneventful.  As I'm writing this, I don't even remember the day.  Of all the days on my trip, so far, this one does not ring a bell at all.  I remember leaving Kyle's house in the morning, but that was about it.  We stayed in a non-descript motel for the night.  That's one of the many things I like about staying with a host family over a motel - with a host family, I totally remember the city and the family since we had human contact with someone who cared.  With a motel, we just check in and that's just it.

I am stressing out about the projected 84 mile day we are forced to do tomorrow, though.