Melodrama - Durango - 9/8/2006

This morning, it was pouring heavy rain when we woke up.  When the rain finally stopped, Ed and I took the trolley to the historic downtown for some food.  When we arrived at our favorite eatery, Jean Pierre, it was late enough that they weren't seating for breakfast nor lunch.  We asked if we could just sit and wait until they served lunch (about 30 minutes, I think).  Somehow, the waitress let us.  I think it's because she recognized us from yesterday.  Miraculously, she gave us some bread and homemade jam and coffee and water to hold us over until the officially started taking orders for lunch.  The reason for my surprise is a few people came after us and they were turned away.  Would not seat them.  I'm thinking, if you don't want to let people come in and wait, then lock the door.  The "French" were actually really rude to the people who innocently came in (since the door was open) and wanted to wait until this magical noon hour when they served again.  These two women came in and it was literally 3 minutes before noon and the server said, "we're not serving until noon."  Looking at their watches, they asked if they could just wait until noon.  Somehow they sat down and either the same waitress or another waitress said something to them and they had to get up and leave.  WTF?  It was only 3 more minutes until the official opening time.  It's not like they needed the restaurant empty so they could mop and stuff like that.  They just didn't want people breathing in their store when it was their down time.  That's why I was amazed they let us sit down and even gave us bread and drinks.  We even pushed our luck (successfully) and got a second serving of bread because we were so hungry.  Oddly enough, when it was feeding time, our waitress gave us free soup because she felt bad we had to wait.  Very strange how they turned everyone away at the door and were pretty nice to us.  Doesn't make sense.  I guess it's better than the other way around.

After our lunch, we just shopped around all day.  I think by now, I know what every store has to offer.  Ed continued to look at and buy ranger sets.  Repeat after me, "I am not a cowboy.  I am not a cowboy."  I got my nephew, Revel, a pair of moccosins.  They were so cute.  I was hoping the style I got him came in adult sizes, but they didn't.  I really started liking the turquoise jewelry throughout the Southwest.  Unfortunately, the stuff I liked was really expensive.  For example, a concho belt for $1000!  What?  Then, I found these amazing designer pieces at a nice jewelry store with colorful stones.  $600 for a bracelet and $3000 for a belt.  Yikes.  I was pining for it for the past few days.  But it's just so damn expensive.

Late in the afternoon, we got in touch with Dave and he met us for a bit of a tiny bit shopping.  Then, the three of us went to a "saloon" for dinner.  The place was lively with a pianist  playing that old school saloon type of piano music.

And the waitresses were dressed up (or down) in costume.

Afterward, we went to a melodrama.  A melodrama is a play with exaggerated emotions and stereotypical characters.  The audience is encouraged to clap for the good times, boo and hiss at the bad guys, and awww at the romances.  It was a good time.

Here's the three of us before the show.