She's Got Legs - McPherson - 8/12/2006

We woke up early to beat the daily heat.  After breakfast, Mike rode out with us for the first 5 miles.  Wish he could have ridden with us a bit longer, but alas, we must depart.

At exactly 7:30am this morning, I experienced my first cycling G-spot.  I was on an open road with no cars, Dave was a ways ahead of me, no noise, no wind, just open fields of grass.  It was just beautiful.  It was miles and miles of just open fields.  I had to get off my bike to take in the moment.  It was the best serenity feeling ever.

Later in the afternoon, this man approached me in a car on the other side of the road.  He stopped on the shoulder to ask if I wanted some cold water.  Dave and I had just recently stopped for a cold beverage at a gas station/convenience store so I declined.  How nice, though.  Later, I told Dave about it and the same man stopped to ask Dave (ahead of me) the same thing and Dave told him to ask me when he got to me.  Here I am at a gas station/convenience store on one of our water breaks.

Here we are on the open road:

Here's another shot of me with another crop.  This time, it's milo.  Milo is a feed for cows.

Today was a long day of riding.  The last 20 miles was so painful.  My ass was hurting big time.  I had to stand up on my bike often to try to ease the pain.

When we finally arrived at our day destination, McPherson, I went to a WalMart to escape the heat while Dave went in search of alternative housing.  When I walked into the WalMart, I saw that it had a hair salon.  I can't believe WalMart even cuts hair now.  Anyhow, I tried my luck to see if they waxed legs.  They didn't but the girl told me where I could.  Man, 36 days on the road, I need to pamper myself.

And pamper myself I did.  While waiting for the beautician, I noticed there were posters with Vietnamese writing on them.  When it was my turn, I went in the back room to get my legs waxed.  I was bummed that the prices were much higher than those in New York and San Francisco.  After I confirmed that she was Vietnamese and made it known that I was the same, I parlez'ed-vous with her in Vietnamese.  I told her how I was surprised at the high prices as compared to New York and San Fran.  She said that those cities have higher volume of customers so they are able to charge less.  I agree, but still, the bottom line is it's too expensive for me to my full legs so I opted for only the 1/2 legs.  She felt my pain and gave me the "Vietnamese discount".  Excellent.  Now that it's a little cheaper, I was able to afford my entire legs.  She definitely did a good job on the legs.  It's the nicest legs waxing job ever.  In New York and San Fran, they get you in and out like a factory.  This was more of a spa experience where she massaged the legs and got every bit of wax off my legs.  It was nice!  After confirming the price of a pedicure, I further treated myself to a French pedicure.  It was definitely nice to be a girl again after so many days of cycling.  Here I am with the salon owner and her son.

Rhhllll.  Instead of man legs, it's now She's got legs, she knows how to use them...

For some unknown reason, that night, I had a hankerin' for Chinese food.  We ate at a Chinese food buffet next to the nail salon.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best Chinese food I've ever had.  Here's Dave with his four finished plates.

After dinner, we went to the motel pool and hot tub to relax after our 80 mile day.

P.S. Today was my sister AV's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Sledge.