I Blinked and I'm out of Pennsylvania - Geneva on the Lake - 7/20/2006

Since we were camping, we woke up relatively early and hit the road.  Here's a picture of the tent on the beach.  How do you like the clothes rack?

It should be noted that Pennsylvania signs suck.  There are no mile markers and the truck downhill signs are so unwarranted.  When I see a truck downhill sign, it tells me I'll be going downhill for a while (or at least steep) and I should get into my anti-granny gear.  Sheeit - the downhill is barely an ant hill.  What a tease.

After a little bit, we entered Ohio!  Here's a very ghetto "Welcome to Ohio" sign.  I mean, look a the fence that it's on.

While we're on the topic of roads and signs, Ohio roads suck the most so far.  My initial reaction was, "someone, give this state some money so they can re-pave their roads."  Sheeit, no one needs to give them money, Ohio, make/earn/tax some money and re-pave your own damn roads.  There's rarely a shoulder.  And, given the fact that there's no shoulder, not sure why there's no "share the road" signs, either.  Give me a "share the road" sign already.

At lunch, we saw on the TV that there's a severe thunderstorm warning later in the day.  Oh well, what can you do?  Actually, the warning was for a city a little way away and by the time the warning ended, we probably would not have made it to the city.  As we were riding down Route 531, we could just see in the distance the darkness and imminent rain.  Soon enough, we were poured on.  It was a warm rain and it only lasted about 15 minutes.  Those 15 minutes was enough to get my bike all muddy and require me to lube up my chain, though.

For the most part, we were riding along Lake Erie again.  It's so pretty.  Even your average house has the most amazing view of the lake.

Later in the afternoon, we're riding along, with about 10 more miles to go to our destination.  Dave pulls the biggest dumbass move known to mankind.  He's riding behind me; then he decides to pass me.  No problem with passing me, because I'm slow.  Anyhow, he passes me as a truck is coming!  Dumbass.  He realized this and had to scramble to get out of the suicide lane.  I'm thinking, "get a rear view mirror so you can see what's behind you easier."  Anyhow, he passed me and decided to run over a rather large branch - one I'd say that is at least 1 inch, if not more, in diameter.  Come on, I don't even run over baby branches and he's running over practically a limb.  Branch got caught up in his rear derailleur and chain and actually broke his rear derailleur.  Oi.

Thankfully, we were only a few miles from a bike shop.  Dave removed the rear derailleur and limped to the bike shop on a single speed.  He had to walk his bike when we went up any hills.  We eventually got to the bike shop where the shop owner did not have the same derailleur but he was nice enough to take one off of a new bike and sell that to Dave.  Phew.  After installing the rear derailleur, we hit the road again around 6:00pm.  I didn't want to end the day in Ashtabula, OH - I wanted to get to a lakefront city again.

Arriving at our final destination, Geneva on the Lake, OH, about an hour later, we set up camp in a very ghetto campsite.  The location itself is actually amazing but the upkeep of the grounds was awful.  There was only one bathroom for all campers, men and women, to share.  And it was pretty gross.  After a dip in the Lake (best lake water/sand of all (2?) the places where I jumped into the water), I took my shower and watched the sun set.  I was bummed the sun set behind some clouds instead of the water/horizon.