How I Decided To Bike Cross Country

Thinking back, I think after I drove cross country from San Francisco to New York, I thought now that I've driven cross country, it would be cool to bike cross country.  But that was about it.  I also remember seeing a segment on the Today Show how this guy was biking the perimeter of the United States and thought how cool would that be?  Again, I think that was about it.

Last year, however, when I was training for my triathlon and biking a lot on my 1st ever road bike, the idea crept in my head again.  I remember posing the idea separately to my training partner, Chris; my friend, Dwayne; my lifeguard/swimming instructor, Androw; and another friend, Horacio.  I remember dreaming with Chris that if I won the lottery, then I'd take off on my bike.  He said I didn't need to win the lottery to do that.  Dwayne, too, was waiting to win the lottery before committing to riding with me.  Androw needed to finish college.  Horacio 1/2 considered it but alas needs to somehow pay the bills.  Damn, why does life get in the way?

Doing the NYCC SIG training this year and really enjoying being on my bike, the idea really got stuck in my head.  I just couldn't get it out.  It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I needed a change from my job (I've been working for a San Francisco company for 6 years, 3 of them at home by myself).  Also, everybody I know is married with children.  I was neither - I'm not tied down to any person, place or thing.  If not now, then when, right?  As I posted in my message board thread, "want adventure."

When I got what I thought then was a "go" from Scott, that's when it was official with me that I was quitting my job and going to have the adventure of my life...