Hot Springs - Ridgway - 8/28/2006

This morning, we went to a bike shop so I could get a new chain since my old chain was 2 links short and when I would illegally get into my anti-granny gear in the front and my granny gear in the back, instead of it rubbing, I would almost get thrown off my bike because it won't change into that gear and I can no longer pedal.  How's that for a long run-on sentence?  Anyhow, I had to get a new chain because I was illegally going into that gear too many times and having a brush with death too often.  Also, we wanted to get some new tires for Dave because 2 flats a day is just crazy.  The bike shop guy was very impressed with how I had spare spokes taped to the rear triangle tube (in technical terms, the chain stay).  I was prepared for anything that could go wrong on the road.  I also took this opportunity at the bike shop to use the air compressor and clean my bike the best I could without annoying Ed.  I don't know why he got so annoyed.  I would think he of all people would want me to keep my bike in tip top shape.

Here's Dave on the side of the road drinking from his ever so convenient gallon jug of water.

Here's Ed fixing a flat he got after we pulled on the side of the road to read a historical marker.  Dave 10, Maggie 2, Ed 1.

Today's scenery had beautiful mountains with jagged edges.  The mountains looked like castles.

There were also pretty rivers and streams.  Here's more scenery shots.

Here are my boys riding.

We arrived in Ridgway relatively early today.  This is how riding should always be.  We had lunch at the Galloping Goose Cafe.  I had a buffalo burger.  Can't say I could tell the difference between buffalo and cow meat.

We actually contacted a warm showers host earlier in the day and he met us on the road.  However, he said he lived a few miles up a hill out of town.  When we pulled into town and saw how cute it was, we opted to not stay at the warm showers host so we could play in the town at our leisure.

Ridgway is known for their hot springs.  Exactly what I need after 52 days of riding.  Sheeit, I need a hot springs after every day of riding.  Here's Ed and me going to the hot springs.  Live, the mountains in the background were amazing how they all converged into a bunch of Vs in the distance.

The hot springs were so relaxing.  The grounds were clothing optional.  I opted to remain covered because I didn't need my riding partners seeing a different side of me.  The boys, on the other hand, did not care what I saw and let it all hang.  Delightful.  By the way, the grounds prohibited cameras.

Here we are eating at The Wall restaurant (or something like that) for dinner.  Apparently there's a classic wall where John Wayne stood next to in a movie and that wall is still standing.

After dinner, Ed and I went back to our motel and Dave went back to the hot springs grounds where he camped.  The stars were out in full force when you're out in the middle of nowhere.  It's too bad that the evening was so cold that we couldn't enjoy the stars.  I was still able to find the Big Dipper though.