Strong Headwinds - Hanksville - 9/16/2006

Here's Dave packing up our tent.  See how we just plopped our tent right in front of the visitor center/ranger station?  It was really windy last night.  Glad to have had the protection.

You dirty devil, you!

What's wrong with me?  I'm not a guy and I keep on seeing boobs.

This reminds me of the Rotunda at the University of Virginia.

Today's ride was tough.  I remember enjoying the scenery then as I turned the corner, "What the hell is that?"  Out of nowhere, I'm climbing a curvy hill, average 6% grade with a max of 12%.  As we finished one curve, you go around the bend, and there's more.  Sheit.

We went to one scenic overlook, then there appears to be a slight hill.  Okay, we'll do it.  But then as we went up the hill, we saw there's a greater hill.  F that.  We turned around!

Today's landscape changed to brownish-red domes.  Then mountain ranges straight ahead.

Then orange sand piles.

We saw a car on its side of the road.  How the hell do you call for an ambulance in Utah?  Really scary if you think about it.  Pray for me I don't have to try to call 911 without cell phone reception.

At mile 33 of our ride today, not that there's anything significant about mile 33, but that's what I have in my notes, a golfer that we talked to briefly at the Hite Recreation Area (he slept in his in his car) last night honked as he passed us.  I love it how everyone knows who are and give us friendly honks.

Also at this now famous mile 33, we got a downhill.  However, the headwind was so strong that we had to pedal going downhill!  Sucks.  We had a very strong headwind all day today.  It was almost as bad as that day in Kansas.  I remember asking, "is there no reprieve?", and shouting, "stop it!" to the wind.

Later today, Dave hit my back wheel while riding.  Needless to say, I was not happy.  He said he panicked when a car was approaching.  All day, everyday, cars dodge us.  Why the f did he have to panic today?  Serenity now.

Here's a side of the mountain that someone blasted just so they can put in a convenience store/gas station.  It was pretty cool (temperature) inside the convenience store.  Tonight, we stayed in a non-descript motel.  I remember the groceries at the one store within a 50 mile radius was pretty expensive.  Supply and demand, right?