Guess My Ending Tan Color

I have a pretty bad farmer's tan already and I haven't even started the road trip yet.  Here I am at Home Depot in Manhattan on June 22, 2006 with a paint sample.  The flourescent store lights and my camera flash may have distorted my tan somewhat; but, as far as I can tell, I am the shade of Behr Premium Paints color "Toasted Chestnut" (240F-5A).

Your challenge is to guess what ending tan color I'll be after 3+ months of riding.  Go to your closest Behr Paint retailer/dealer and pick out a shade.  Email me with your guess.  Winner gets nothing - just bragging rights.  Or, if you'd prefer, winner gets to take me out to a nice dinner!

Have fun :-)

Guesser Shade
Hai N Bitter Chocolate. #790B-7
Jeff Earth Tone 230F-6
Marcus A Chocolate Thunder #468B-5
Hung P Sable-Brown 240F-6
Jerry C. Lion Mane 320D-6