Guess My Ending Weight

I'm very curious if I'm going to gain or lose weight after my trip.  Some say I'll gain weight because I'll gain muscle.  Some say I can't lose too much weight because I don't have much fat to spare.

Current weight = 110 pounds

Bike weight = 28 pounds (this is one heavy mother!)

Bike loaded with gear = 70-75 pounds (scale is kind of off)

Your challenge is to guess my ending weight after 3+ months of riding.  Notice that there is a slight margin of error because I weighed myself with one scale on the East Coast and I will be weighing myself with a different scale on the West Coast - that's just how it goes.  Email me with your guess.  Winner gets nothing - just bragging rights.  Or, if you'd prefer, winner gets to take me out to a nice dinner!

Have fun :-)

Guesser Weight(lbs)
Hai N 120 - winner!
Christopher E 116 - winner if we abide by Price is Right rules of not going over actual retail price!
Sherri H 102
Dan P 108
Anne L 112
Ryan N 108
Hiep D 90
Steve L 90
Andrea G 120 - winner!
Basil A 107
Hung P 101
Jerry C 114
Diana C 106
Kartik S 110
Mia M 95
Christopher G 121
Dzung N
Dang P


When I arrived in San Francisco, I weighed myself on 3 scales.  Incredibly, they all said very different things.  One said 100 lbs, one said 110 lbs, one said 120 lbs.  How can all these scales be so off?  I think back in New York, I weighed myself on a few scales and the most consistent reading I was getting was 119 lbs.  I would like to think it's all muscle, as opposed to the multiple breakfasts and extra large servings of lunch and dinner.  Regardless, I'm in the best shape of my life and have you seen my legs of steel?