Guess My Arrival Date

I leave on July 8, 2006.  I plan on riding an average of 50 miles per day, some days more, some days less, some days not at all.  I am not racing across America.  I will be stopping to smell the roses (and by roses, I mean go into national parks, etc.).  Adding up the distances on all my maps, the route is approxiately 4200 miles.

Your challenge is to guess my arrival date into San Francisco.  Email me with your guess by July 31, 2006.  If you follow my blog up to then, maybe you can extrapolate the date I cross the finish line.  Winner gets nothing - just bragging rights.  Or, if you prefer, winner gets to take me out to a nice dinner!

Have fun :-)

Guesser Arrival Date
Hai N October 21
Sherri H October 28
Dan P October 10 - winner!
Keith A October 21
Hiep D October 20
Gus/Nan H

October 22

Marcus A November 1
Jerry C. October 8