Gondola - Telluride - 8/31/2006

After a lovely hot breakfast at the hotel, Ed and I shopped around Telluride.  Here's a parking sign we ran across.  Oh Arse, they have puppy parking for you in Telluride!

Then, we took a free gondola from Telluride to Mountain Village (the ski town).  The views from the gondola are amazing.  Mountains and more mountains.

Aspen trees.

Mountain Village town.  Actually, from the looks of the cables, I think it's probably more accurate to say that this is Telluride.

In Mountain Village, we walked around some shops.  We got some pepperoni, cheese and French bread for lunch at a fancy grocery store.  We got enough for Dave, too, because he was supposed to have joined us for lunch but again, he backed out on meeting us.  After lunch, we sat in a theater showing a documentary on WWII as part of the Film Festival.  It was good when the sound was working.  Not sure if it was an actual screening or if we were just watching a movie they were just airing for test purposes.

I bought a thug hat (hat that thugs tend to wear.  Or, just a regular knit/wool hat that you would wear while skiing or if you were cold.  I like calling it a thug hat because I find that very descriptive.) at a store.  I noticed that there was a "recreation tax" or something like that.  I inquired about it and it turns out, this tax paid for the "free" gondola.  I wonder what else I'm paying this tax for that I'm not using. 

We took the gondola back to Telluride where we took a walking tour of the town.  Just walked around the different streets looking at historical houses/buildings.  When we were tired of that, we noticed an open house and went in.  Amazing house!  4916 square feet for a mere $6,895,000.  The front of the house looks really charming but you walk in and you realize that this place is huge.  Ed said I made a bee-line to the enormous kitchen.  Every bedroom had its own full bath.  The house comes with an artist studio which could easily be converted into a mother-in-law.  The driveway has heating stuff in it so you can turn on a switch and hopefully the snow will melt so you don't have to shovel it.  I don't even want to think what this would cost in New York.

Here's a view of our hotel.  This image is on most postcards, pictures or paintings of Telluride.  It's pretty much a landmark image of the town.  So cool that I got to stay in it.

Here's a cute poster of the film festival.  I like it since it has the gondola and the gondola is a huge part of Telluride.

Here I am with one of the 5 Galloping Goose trains that are left.

Here's my "match.com" picture of me and the main street of Telluride.  Where's Dave running down the street with a chocolate chip cookie and Gatorade?

After a long day of walking around, Ed and I relaxed in the rooftop hottub of our hotel and took a baby nap on the roof.  How nice was that?  Bicycle touring should be like this every other day.  After my obligatory daily shower, we went to the hotel restaurant for dinner.  Unfortunately they didn't have a table available so opted for the bar.  We both had the best short ribs ever.  Before I forgot and it got too late back East, I called my sister, Suzy, during dinner and wished her happy birthday.

After dinner, it was rainy and very cold outside so I didn't want to get sick just to watch some free movie.  So, we packed up our tent footprint and headed inside where we watched Andre Agassi's last tennis match at the U.S. Open on TV instead.  Here I am in our ho (short for HOtel; and mo is obviously short for MOtel).