A19     SIG group with an average cruising speed of 19 mph.  Lead by the infamous Dr. Ed.

B17     SIG group in between C2 and A19.  As the name indicates, this group has cruising speed of 17 mph.

bogart     To take, steal, hog, usually selfishly.

C2     SIG group I was in.  We started out having a cruising speed of 13-14 mph.  By the end of the training period, we were cruising around 16-17 mph.

century     100 mile bike ride. 

control-6     The shortcut keys in AIM to display the emoticon that is batting her eyes.  Surely most of you have been control-6'ed by me in the past.

ghetto rack     The improvisional (is that even a word?) clothes rack hanging off the back of one's bicycle.

ghetto shower     Splashing oneself down with soap and water from a public bathroom sink.

G.O.     Short/code for ghet-to.

hoover     To eat very fast, like you're vacuuming the food in.

mesa     From, a land formation having steep walls and a relatively flat top, common in arid and semiarid parts of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico.

mule     The sterile hybrid offspring of a male donkey and a female horse, characterized by long ears and a short mane.

NYCC     New York Cycle Club.  The coolest cycle club in the greater New York City area.

SIG     NYCC Special Interest Group training groups.  Eight week intensive training group from March to May.  Just like grades back in school, there are groups A-B-C.  C was the slowest group; this was for beginners who wanted to focus on basics and safety.  A was the Lance Armstrong wannabe group; they perfected their pacelines and had cruising speeds of 19 mph.  B is the in between group.

suicide lane     The position most left on the shoulder where you would be the first to be hit by a car.