Talk About Hospitality - Windsor - 7/12/2006

I woke up late today because the bed in was so comfortable.  Also, I could hear steady rain so I wasn't in the mood to ride in the rain at all.  Not to mention this is day 5 of my journey so it's probably a good idea to take it a little easy after 4 days of hard hill climbing.  I made a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs, bagels and grapes.  Waiting out the rain some more, we went to the public library where I was able to write up about day 2's adventures.

Eager to get some riding in, Dave pressed me to get on the road.  He likes to move the football forward a bit each day, even if it's just a bit.  We finally started riding around 3/3:30pm.  Since it was still a little drizzly, we just wanted to get to Deposit, NY (only 10 miles away) and re-assess the riding conditions.  Just on the road for about 2 miles, we get this teaser sign that said "Town of Deposit".  I'm thinking, "sh-t, if we're already here, let's go some more."  As you read, I called it a teaser sign because since seeing the sign, it wasn't another 10 miles until there was an actual exit for the town.  Now I'm weary of these "Town of X" signs.  After a pitstop at a gas station where some traveling circus people (don't know if he was a performer or muscle to set up the circus) were amazed at our ambition.  This man was so excited he made a quick video on his cell phone to show others that he ran into two people riding cross country.

Here's a great sign I found.  154 miles to New York City.  Tempting, but I'll take the estimated 4046 miles to San Francisco instead.

20 miles later, we arrive in Windsor, NY.  It was getting dark and there wasn't a h/motel to be found.  The firehouse was empty the city was basically desolate.  We stopped into a medical center where I chatted up the receptionist, Nancy.  I told her I was riding cross country and looking for inexpensive housing.  All the campgrounds were flooded.  Did she have any suggestions?  I could tell she was intrigued because she really tried hard to help us find housing.  Whipping out the Yellow Pages, we tried a bed and breakfast that didn't pick up.  She even said she'd let us stay at her place but her in-laws were there with their 8 cats.  Stupid cats.  Since I knew she was biting, I kept on pursuing it with her.  Not to mention I really didn't know what else to do and really needed her help.  I asked her about churches because churches have welcomed Dave in the past.  So she calls up Father X who suggested calling Y and that person suggested calling person Z.  Persons Z ended up being the best host family ever out there!

Marian and Phil from Windsor, NY.  What can I say about these gracious hosts?  We arrive at their house and Phil lets us put our bikes in the barn/shed to shelter it from the rain.  Marian is upstairs making out the beds for us.  She shows us to our rooms.  I have what Dave calls the presidential suite; it was huge.  I'd say it's the size of my West Village bedroom and living room combined.  Hehe - Dave got the Lincoln bedroom.  After our showers, Phil takes us to their pizzeria where we ordered whatever we wanted.  I felt bad because I knew they weren't going to make us pay for it; but at the same time, regardless of who's paying, Dave and I have been eating like horses.  We can really eat on this trip.  You have to with all the riding we do.

After we get back to the house, we hang and talk to Marian and Phil.  When we excused ourselves, Marian insisted that we head down to the restaurant in the morning for breakfast and also she said she'd pack us a lunch for the road!  Wow.

After doing our laundry again (I love clean clothes!), I went to sleep in suite with the fan on (Dave's room was apparently sweltering with no air circulation).