First Day On Our Own - Lots of Climbing - Narrowsburg - 7/10/2006

I just don't understand it; I woke Dave up at 6:30am and it's not like we're just dilly dallying around, but it seems to take us forever to get ready in the morning.  I'm sure we'll get the routine down.  After packing up the camp and eating our breakfast of champions consisting of strawberries, Clif Bars, shredded chicken with bread and Gatorade, we headed to our yesterday's hopeful destination of Port Jervis.

10-14 miles and 1 hour later, we arrive at Port Jervis.  There, we had breakfast part 2 at a diner where I had bacon and eggs and French toast.  Dave had a similar breakfast.  I wonder if the waitress wondered how a small person like me could possibly eat so much.  It's amazing, I've become a bottomless eating machine!  After breakfast, I tooled around the Port Jervis public library where I sent out my 1st day ride website entry.  It's so hard to do stuff on a public library computer because you are just rushed.  At the Port Jervis library, there was this countdown of 60 minutes.  It's so nerve racking when it got down to 15 minutes.  Luckily I got my website updated in that allotted 60 minutes.  Notice that since I'm always rushed when I'm at the library, if you see typos or formatting errors (I would normally never allow for this in my normal daily life), please email me and I will fix it.

Today consisted of going up and down and up and down a bunch of hard hills.  Very challenging and very rewarding.  I definitely used my granny gears a lot today.  I just hope the reason why my damn front derailleur is not working properly is because the bike is still new and the cable is still trying to stretch itself.  As luck would have it, my stupid derailleur slipped again.  Luckily, I did not fall.  Probably because I'm so afraid of the chain slipping and me not clipping out in time that I go through this long inefficient process of unclipping, changing the gears, clipping back in, then finally pedaling.  Going into granny gear is when you need the most power and I unfortunately have to go through this process because I don't have the confidence in my gears.  Ugh.

As mentioned, today's terrain was pretty tough.  Lots of hills.  At one point, I climbed enough that going I hit a max speed of 35 mph going downhill.  Talk about fun.  I no longer fear going downhill and do not use my brakes.  I pretty much take up the entire lane (because a car is not supposed to go that fast down these hills anyway).

We were hugging the Delaware River (to our left) for the most part.  Check out the nice waterfall we found.

We ended the day in Narrowsburg, NY.  We paid for camping at an official camp site.  Kind of ripped of, if you ask me.  $15 per person and $9 site fee.  WTF?  Why should it matter if I can fit 1 or 10 people in my tent on the plot of land I am given?  I suppose they are taking into account the water 1 vs 10 people could be using.  I had a near heart attack when one of the shower houses were closed (and these kids said the other shower house only had cold water).  I mean, the only reason why I insisted on paid camping instead of stealth camping was for the running water purposes.  After talking to an employee, we tested out the showers at the other shower house and all is good.  Phew.  Believe me, I would have bitched if I couldn't take my shower!

For dinner, we ate at a local Italian joint where we shared a 14" pizza AND a serving of spaghetti and meatballs.  I sure can eat a lot these days!