Fine Tuning Everything

By now, you've read about this "Dr. Ed" who's helped me with everything for my trip.  It started with the Emergency First Aid presentation.  Followed by hill repeats instructions.  Next came a look over of my road bike and confirming that I should not try to take it on a loaded tour.  An invitation to his A19 bike maintenance workshop was next.  At the bike workshop, I promptly volunteered my bike for the chain cleaning and lubing demonstration (too bad he wasn't going over how to wash a bike!).  After going over the derailleurs and brakes, Dr. Ed said he always carries an extra derailleur and brake cable when he rides.  I commented, "that's all nice to carry the cables, but if you don't know how to change them, then what good is it?"  I barely know the man and I'm already making smart alek comments.  But, that didn't stop me from getting a private one on one class on changing these 2 cables.  Since the first aid presentation to my departure date, Dr. Ed helped me beyond belief with buying everything for my tour, from helping me online as well as taking me to bike shops.  If that wasn't enough, he also slowed down his pace to ride with me a couple times so he could give me riding pointers.

Here I am with my friend at one of my private lessons.  Dr. Ed completely made sure everything on my bike was adjusted correctly.  He showed me how to adjust my brakes and derailleurs, change a brake pad vs shoe, replace the brake and derailleur cable.  We also installed my bike computer and handlebar bag.  The man is a saint.

Did you notice the 5 bikes on his wall?  And that's only one wall that you are seeing in his personal bike workshop in his Brooklyn apartment.

 Thanks for everything, Dr. Ed.