Bicycle Touring Should Be Like This Everyday - Emporia - 8/11/2006

In the morning as we were packing up, Mae herself (as in Guy and Mae's restaurant) came into the anex for her morning exercises.  How delightful to meet the one and only Mae.

Riding today was more rolling hills.  Who said Kansas was flat?  The cows along side of the road are so cute.  They just look at you as you pass them on the road, their heads turning as you immediately pass by them.

Here's a great picture of bails of hay.  Something about this image that's just so cool to me.

As you can see, Kansas can be very creative with the naming of their streets.

As we were approaching Emporia (where Mike lives), we decided that we'd just get to downtown and then call him for directions.  Before we could do that, Mike was standing under a bridge/overpass waiting to escort us back to his place.  Wow.  The hospitality does not end.  In Emporia, he took us to a bike shop - High Gear Cyclery - where the bike shop guy realigned my right shifter back to a normal position from my last retarded "I can't start" fall.  Mike mentioned how he was on a ride where they gave out awards at the end of the day/ride for different things, and one of them being a pair of training wheels for the one who fell of his/her bike the most.  So far on this trip, that would be me - twice for me (rememeber the ambulance and leaving a post office) and once for Dave.

Back at Mike's house, he insisted that we just rest while he made us a delicious lunch of grilled chicken on a spinach salad.  He read up on our websites and took notes on what we liked to eat.  His wife, Sally, came home from work to join us for lunch.

After lunch, we went to the pool next door where Mike got advanced permission for us to use.  If helping us with roads in Kansas, meeting us in the middle of Kansas and getting us housing in Williamsburg, welcoming us in Emporia wasn't enough, Mike also came out poolside with a pitcher of iced tea for us!

Again, if a pitcher of iced tea wasn't enough, he came out a few minutes later with ice cream bars!  This is how cross country touring should be!

After the pool and a shower, I cleaned my bike.  Mike gave me access to an air compressor!  The air compressor is my new best friend.  It is the coolest thing ever to clean your bike.  I was using that thing for at least an hour, if not more, getting all the KATY trail dirt off of my bike.  It was amazing.  My bike has never looked this clean since I bought it.

After some Internet time and laundry, Mike and Sally made us a delicious dinner of steaks, potatoes, corn, carrots, mushrooms and bread.

While I Internetted some more, Mike took Dave to the grocery store for food for our ride the next day.  He also took Dave to the outside of some of the meat processing plants.  When the boys came home, we had ice cream and cookies.  Seriously, this is how cross country touring should be!  Here's a picture of our gracious hosts.