Science Project - Ely - 9/27/2006

Today was a well deserved rest day.  After breakfast, we went to the bike shop.  I was looking for a new water bottle.  They didn't have the big Magnum water bottle that I was used to; I really wanted a big water bottle for all the deserts that lie ahead for us.  So I asked the people how to clean out a dirty water bottle.  Bleach!  Excellent, I'll go back to the hotel and ask the cleaning people for some bleach.

Here are some "Aflac" ducks I saw in a park.  When I joked about this with Dave, he had no idea what I was talking about.  What kind of rock does one have to live under to not know about the Aflac ducks?  Aflac!

What are these?  Black swans?

The rest of the day was spent doing my other errands.  I mail the book I finally finished reading and my old pair of tights home.  Lots of time was spent at the library on the Internet.  We had some excellent pizza for lunch.

Back at the hotel, I asked the front desk to ask the cleaning staff for a little bit of bleach.  One cleaning lady said she'd never drink out of anything that was bleached.  Another cleaning lady said she worked in professional kitchens and they cleaned stuff with bleach all the time.  I didn't care; I was game.  Up in my room, I filled my water bottle that had a science project growing inside with water and about a teaspoon of bleach.  Immediately, I could see the germs disappearing.  Just imagine what overnight will do to the bottle!

My treat of the day was getting a massage in a nice small spa!  So nice.  If I remember correctly, this was my first massage on the entire trip.  We've mostly been in small towns and/or we roll into town pretty late so there really hasn't been an opportunity to get a massage.

After dinner at the hotel, I did our laundry.  While waiting for our laundry, we gambled a bit.  By we, I mean I gambled and Dave watched.  We actually got a few dollars' worth of tokens when checking in.  So, I was playing with house money.  I just played for a tiny bit and won $8!  Woo hoo!