Fancy Hotel Suite - Ely - 9/26/2006

I woke up yawning this morning.  My body is not rested.  But alas, we must forge on.  This town is too small to spend a rest day here, as much as my body wanted it.

I seem to remember a national park of sorts nearby.  I also seem to remember riding to the visitor center and deciding it was not worth our time.  Being tired and knowing we had 65 miles and 2 mountain passes ahead of us probably helped us with our decision to not be tourists today.

We were on Highway 50 today, aka the Loneliest Road in America.  For the loneliest road in America, there sure were lots of cars passing us.  I was kind of pissed, actually, that we didn't have the road to ourselves.

Here I am at the first pass of the day.  I was pretty exhausted here.  Notice no cocky pose with the sign.

In the distance, our well deserved truck downhill sign.

We had to deal with road repaving today.  Breathing in fresh tar.  Yummy.  It was also pretty hot today.  There were no trees for us to catch some shade.  For lunch, we just had to pull on the side of the road (far away enough from the road construction) and just have lunch on the shoulder.  The sun continued to beat down on us.  Yummy, hot peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and warm water/Gatorade.

After lunch, we came across Major's Junction.  Meaning, a crossroads of major streets.  There, there was a bar.  I was so hoping for a cool beverage but to our dismay, the bar was closed.  So close, yet so far away.  Rejected.

Here's Dave and me at the 2nd pass.  Again, we're both pretty tired.  Today's passes were not to spit at; they were significant ones.

Something that sucked today was the shoulders.  The rumble strips take up more than 1/2 the shoulder!  To ride in the shoulder, it's like you have to f'in walk a tightrope.

When we rolled into town, I let Dave do his thing (find alternative housing), while I went in search of the best motel deal.  I found a few, but I wasn't too happy with the cleanliness and price.  So I decided to venture more into town and check out these $20 hotel rooms I kept on seeing while on the road.  How good can a room be for $20?  As it turns out, the ads were an almost bait and switch thing as it did get me to the casino hotel they were advertising.  When I got to the hotel, which turns out to be a historical hotel, I inquired about the $20 rooms.  The front desk let me check out the room before committing.  I went to the room.  It was small and clean, however, it was a smoking room.  I couldn't get over the smell.  I went downstairs and called Dave to tell him what I had found.  He said he wasn't interested because he was trying to hook up with a firehouse lead.  Fine with me.  I need a nice bed.  Anyhow, contemplating for a while, I finally decided yes on the smoking room.  When I finally decided yes, the room had been swept from under my feet!  Are you kidding me?  Shit!  What's the next available cheapest room?  $50 suite.  Dammit!  I don't need a suite; it was just me.  I stood there and tried my best at haggling.  I asked for a corporate rate.  Was I there on business?  Clearly not, since I arrived by bicycle.  And I told her that, but she didn't really seem to care that I was just blunt.  But she felt my pain since she saw the $20 room slide away from me.  What else was I going to do?  I finally gave in.  As I was about to pay for my $50 room, someone who behind the counter who was watching the whole exchange go down told the woman to give me a discount.  Yah!  I got the room for $40 :-)  Very happy, I rolled my 2 wheeled beast into the hotel and into the small elevator up into my room.  I opened up the door to my room and yes, indeed the room was a suite!  Huge, nice and clean and nice furniture.  The bathroom had the old school tub and everything.  I love it.  I hope Dave is enjoying his firehouse.  I'm very much digging my digs.  This hotel is the 2nd nicest hotel on this trip - the nicest being the historic hotel in Telluride.

So Dave met me at the casino/hotel for dinner.  It appears Dave's still not 100% settled with his alternative housing.  Whatever.  I told him to just stay with me already.  After dinner he came up to the room to check it out.  Hello, this suite kicks his not 100% free housing ass any day.  And the price is more than right.  Once he saw the room, he was on board.  So Dave got the little kids' room with the bunk bed while I was in the master suite.  Works for me.  I can finally rest after 2 hard days of riding.