Easy Day - Dolores - 9/2/2006

While loading the bikes this morning, I realized I was missing my helmet, gloves and sunglasses.  Dammit.  No worries, really, because I knew they had to be in the bar because I remember putting it on a chair while having lunch.  Only problem was, the bar wasn't going to open for a few hours.  Luckily a waitress came to bar early to clean/set up.  Phew.  My helmet et al was right there behind the bar.  Shortly afterwards, Stephany came to the bar.  Lucky for us, we were saved either way.

While thanking Stephany for the room upstairs, she asked me if I saw a drunk upstairs last night.  Umm, no.  Weird because yesterday, Mark kept on telling us stories of how he saw "spooks" upstairs and in the bar in the past.  Was he drunk or did he really believe he saw ghosts or was he just teasing me?  Regardless, at night, when I needed to go to the bathroom, I made Ed wake up and walk me down the long dark hallway.  Everytime I walked down that long hallway at night and in the morning, I always looked in the extra bedrooms for any new bodies or ghosts.  How is it that I missed the drunk?  Can you imagine if I did actually see him?  He probably would have freaked me out since we weren't expecting other guests upstairs.  Anyhow, I told Stephany that I didn't see anyone and she was surprised and went upstairs to check it out and indeed the drunk was there.  Really weird how I missed him.

Today's ride was mostly downhill along the Dolores River and beautiful mountains around us.

Dolores, Colorado had a really ornate Welcome to Dolores sign.

After we checked into our motel, we went to an art supply store to get some supplies to somehow try to secure a thumbtack in the hole where the shutter release button should be.  Ed sweet-talked a lady behind the counter and after trying to find an open bottle of rubber cement, she opened a new bottle and let us have a dab instead of making us buy the entire bottle for literally a dab.  And just like that, my camera was temporarily fixed.

After lunch at a cafe, Ed and I headed uphill to the Anasazi Heritage Museum.  It was just okay.  It's certainly no Smithsonian Museum.  And the nerve of them to charge for admission.  We watched (to me) a boring movie where I fell asleep half way through it.  Something about sitting in a dark theater after riding during the day that makes me fall asleep; not sure what it is, but this is not the first time I've fallen asleep in a tourist area movie theater.

Back in Dolores, we did a little antique shopping.  Then after a series of missed phone calls from Dave to the motel office (I had asked him earlier to call the motel office every 1/2 hour on the hour until we get in touch since there's no cell phone coverage in Dolores), we were finally able to talk to Dave.  The plan was to meet at a restaurant for dinner.  Meeting time came and went and still no Dave.  He finally showed up when Ed and I were basically done with our bad Mexican dinner.

The walk back to the motel was a cold one!  It's freezing during these Colorado nights.  I'm so glad to be sleeping indoors.  It's great to have Ed here - he has as much desire to camp as I do - none.