Sunflower - Eads - 8/17/2006

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

Dave, Hersh and I were so delighted to get to the Colorado border.  When we got there, we were just waving at all the cars that passed.  Then, these four 18-wheelers passed and noticed our happiness and as each one passed, they honked with enthusiasm for us.  I was bouncing up and down like a cheerleader.  The guys were pretty excited, too.  We were at the the Welcome to Colorado sign for at least half an hour.  We just took so many picture.  Why is Dave trying to strike a sexier pose than me here?

It was cool.  Immediately on the other side of the Welcome to Colorado sign, we got a Share the Road sign.

Here's Hersh following Dave's lead of riding 1/2 naked.

We found another field of sunflower.  Here's Hersh looking like a sunflower and I suppose I look like one with my yellow Campy hat.


While Hersh and I were stopping to smell the sunflower, Dave rode ahead of us.  He was at a no longer operational convenience store where he was chatting with 2 groups of cross country cyclists.  One group was a father/son team.  Another group was a group of 6 hot British guys going from San Francisco to New York.  When Hersh and I got there, the father/son team was just leaving so we were left with the hot group.  Bummer.  Hmmm, maybe I don't need to cross the Rockies.  Just go back East with these guys ;-)

How crazy that we found another field of sunflower?  This one was okay, not that great, but still pretty nice.

Then, about a mile down the road, we found the mother ship.  We could see the yellow in the distance.  It was so amazing.  Look how yellow this field is.  It was just amazing.

I've finally taken the picture I've been dying to take.  (Actually, I need a field where the flowers are much tighter and taller, but I'll take this one for now.)

Sunflower everywhere.  The three of us stayed in this field for a good amount of time.  It was just so beautiful.  Strange how Kansas calls the sunflower their state flower but it took us until Colorado to see all the sunflower.

I can't get enough of this flower.  Here's my handlebar bag with the sunflower/daisy from along the side of the highway.  It was cute.  At one point, a bee was sucking at the flower on my bag.  By the way, do you see the HOT playboy bunny stickers that were on my legs yesterday on my handlebar bag?  Rrhhlll.

While riding, Hersh and I saw a deer just on the side of the road, at the edge of some uncut grass.  When we got close (we didn't see him until he ran away), the deer bounced away and stood at a distance just looking at us.  Sweet little deer.  Thank you for not running into my path.

It was weird.  As we got off the little highway and onto a somewhat busier highway to get into Eads, Colorado (ending destination for the day), there were about 20 18-wheelers that passed us at once on both sides of the highway.  I was so thankful that at that time, the shoulder was the same width as a lane of traffic.

We arrived in Eads fairly early in the afternoon.  After a late lunch at the Purple People Eater restaurant, I went to the library and grocery store.  I was sad to find out that the library closed at 4:30 in the afternoon.  Come on, what kind of working hours is that?  And, the grocery store closed at 5:30 in the afternoon.  Crazy.  Too bad so sad if you're making dinner in Eads and you forget an ingredient.

Luckily, the Econolodge had a computer with Internet access in the lobby for the guests to use.  I bogarted that machine while Dave and Hersh shared Hersh's laptop and wireless Internet.  We had a late dinner at the diner next door.  Good thing because it was freezing and it had just dumped a ton of rain and the wind was blowing like mad.  I had a steak while the girls had the all you can eat salad bar.  Not sure how anyone can live on salad, especially having biked all day and will bike all day the next day.

Back at "home", Hersh was plotting out how to get to Denver from Eads.  At this point, he could do a C-squared to Denver, but the terrain could be much hillier, or he could do the A-squared to Colorado Springs with us and then a B-squared to Denver.  He was looking at maps and talking to his friends about the route, while Dave was fast asleep and I was just copying pictures from Hersh's memory card to mine.