Deja Vu - Cotopaxi - 8/24/2006

This morning, Ed put together his bike as I made breakfast.  Then, we said good-bye to our gracious hosts of 3 days.  We contacted Dave at the other host family and he wanted to do a few more errands in Colorado Springs before leaving.  So, we agreed to stay in contact via cell phones when we arrived in Canon City.

Today's ride was the reverse ride for me from 3 days ago.  At one point, Ed noticed we had 3 miles of downhill.  That was the 20 minute uphill from the other day!  Here are some scenery shots of beautiful Colorado.


Just before getting into Canon City, it was so windy that when going uphill, I felt like I was being blown off my bike.  Instead, I got off my bike proactively.  Unfortunately, I could not get back on the bike because of the hill and the force of the wind.  So, I had to walk my bike for a while until either the wind calmed down or until it was no longer too steep of an uphill.

In Canon City, Ed and I waited outside a bike shop for a while ("be back in 15 minutes" sign).  After about 30 minutes, we decided to head on.  Then, it started raining.  So, we ducked into the local Walmart.  It was a good thing we did because the rain was heavier than heavy.  It was cats and dogs.  You could hear the rain pounding on the ceiling of the Walmart.  It was unbelievably hard.  When the rain stopped, I contacted Donna (my friends', Paul and Dan, sister).  She gave us directions to a meeting place where her husband would be waiting for us (because riding to their house would be about a 10-20 mile purely uphill).  We continued on the road from Canon City to the Royal Gorge.  Once we passed the turnoff for the Royal Gorge, it was a 2-3 mile 6% truck downhill.  It was awesome!  I hit an all time high of 43 mph.  As promised, Jerry was waiting for us at the bottom of the hill.

Unfortunately, I got a call from Dave saying he had flat #7 in Canon City.  At this point, it would be at least an hour to ride from Canon City to the meeting point.  So Jerry volunteered to drive back to Canon City to pick up Dave.  In the car back to Canon City, we actually passed Donna on the road.  After rescuing Dave, we went back to Donna and Jerry's place in Cotopaxi.  It was a good thing Jerry picked us up instead of us trying to ride to the house because it was indeed a huge uphill.  Jerry told us that lots of time, people will drive their bikes up the great hill and just fly down the hill.

Back at house (which by the way, Donna and Jerry built with their own 2 hands), Donna was preparing dinner.  If I remember correctly, the house has no "electricity".  Everything is run by solar electricity or propane (or something like that).  We were told we had to take quick showers because either of a lack of hot water or the electricity situation.  I took my shower by turning on and off the water as I needed it.  Then in the middle of the shower, the electricity went out.  Donna yells out, "Maggie, we'll get the electricity up soon."  I love it.

After our showers, we had a lovely dinner of steak, potatoes and salad.  After dinner, I was too pooped to even check the Internet - say it isn't so!