Dave Sick - Dove Creek - 9/11/2006

This morning, before we left, Reverend Walter and Rachael made us a love breakfast.  Can never turn down a homemade breakfast!

It's funny.  There are so many roads that lead in and out of Dolores and I think I took every single one of them.  If you remember last week, we were already in Dolores for two days.  We came into Dolores on one road.  We went to and from the Anasazi Heritage Museum on another road.  We went to Cortez on one road and came back on another road.  Yesterday, we came into Dolores on one road and now we're leaving on yet another road!

At first, we see Mesa Verde and mountains but then it quickly changed to flat farm lands and rolling hills.

Strange sighting on the road today.  I saw two unfenced cows on the side of the road.  It was just so odd to see.  Good thing they didn't come charging at me.

Today is 9/11.  I didn't realize it since I get virtually no news or TV on the road.  But then, I saw flags at half staff then I was reminded of today's date.

As we were riding today, Dave started feeling not really well at all.  He was visibly weaker.  We stopped at a roadside restaurant to get some rest and food for him.  He felt slightly better but not really.

After lunch, we rode just a little more until the next town to find housing.  We knocked on a few church doors but no one was home.  Interesting that given the condition Dave was in, he'd still rather knock on church doors than just check into a motel to get some rest.  We finally found a church where someone was cutting the lawn next door.  We asked that man if he knew the pastor of the church next door.  Well wouldn't you just know it - he was the pastor.  Dave did his thing and we were granted access to the church.  Dave went inside and just went to sleep.  Since it was still pretty early (we only did 35 miles today), I went to the library to internet away.

When the library closed, I went back to check up on Dave.  I have no idea what's up with him, but he's just not feeling well at all.  It was some kind of stomach thing.  Anyhow, I went to the grocery store to get him anything that I thought he could stomach for dinner.

After I set him up with food, I went to the local restaurant/diner for dinner by myself.  As I was eating, I hear, "Ah, it's a skinny little girl," as four dudes come walking into the restaurant.  Apparently they saw my bike out front and was wondering who was riding it.  Yes, I'm a skinny little girl.

Back at the church, I gave myself a ghetto shower in the bathroom sink.  Bummer - at the library, which is connected to the high school, I should have inquired if I could have taken a shower a the high school gym.  Anyhow, afterward, I situated myself on a pew, read my book and went to sleep.