Cyclist Only Shelter - Monroeville - 7/26/2006

Our h/motel from last night was supposed to have a Continental breakfast.  If by Continental breakfast they mean stale cereal and no milk, then, yes, we were served a Continental breakfast.  So lame.

This morning, I gave Dave one of my nice Ortlieb panniers and I took one of his.  I did this because mine are bigger and this way, he can help carry some of my stuff to help lighten my load.  We've added class to his bike while ghettofying my bike :-(

We passed this sign this morning.  Does something look wrong to you?  If I'm not mistakened, the bicycle is facing the wrong way!  When I saw this, it immediately looked wrong to me.  Remember how much I hate Ohio roads?  I actually said this today, "You know, I try to use the shoulder but they have f-in' speed bumps on them."  Come on, help me out here.

While riding, I saw this lady walk out of her house and I said "hi" as I passed.  She said that she thinks my friend dropped something on the road.  I go to the object on the road that she speaks of and yes, it's Dave's shorts.  I called Dave on his cell phone and said, "Look on your ghetto rack.  What are you missing?"  He immediately realized his shorts were missing and headed back towards me.  Man, if you're going to put stuff on a ghetto rack, it's got to be secure.

Here's Dave on the side of the road as my cheering committee.  You know, like supporters on the side of the road of a race.  I kept on sticking my arm out as if to take a cup of water to pour all over myself to cool off.

Here's a picture we took at the Independence Dam State Park.  Nothing special, just a diversion from the road.

Here we are at breakfast where I had steak and eggs and pancakes.  Remember, I can eat like a horse.  It's kind of embarrassing but very understandable.

Speaking of weird signs, how can Route 111 intersect itself?

Here Dave is catching some Z's on the road while waiting for me.  I wish I could pedal faster so he didn't have to wait as much.

Here I am in a field of harvested/cut winter wheat.  When posting this picture, I realized how much bling I have on (you can't see the necklace that I'm sporting as well).  It's okay - I want to still be a girl, despite my athletic endeavors.

Before leaving Ohio, we wanted to hit one of the many Dairy Queens we saw on the roads.  Unfortunately, by the time we thought of this, we couldn't find a DQ.  Instead, we went to a local-favorite ice cream stand where we got a Blizzard-like ice cream with Heath Bar crunches.  Yum.

When we dead ended onto a T intersection into Indiana, there was no Welcome to Indiana sign to be found.  We talked to an Indiana resident (who lives right there at the T) and she said the delinquent teenagers keep on taking the sign down so I guess the state of Indiana doesn't want to keep on replacing it.  Bummer.  How can I enter a state without being welcomed?  No worries - we rode up the road for a bit to Route 30 where we found a Welcome sign.  This picture is crooked because my camera is balancing on my handlebar bag on my bike which is leaning against Dave's bike in order to stand up.

At night, we stayed in this cyclist only shelter.  It's an indoor pavilion in a city park that's used for meetings as well as housing cross country cyclists.  Just imagine like a big warehouse or backyard shed that's the size of a house or even bigger.  Inside, we were given cots, hot showers and even laundry service.  TV and games are even provided.  It's just something the city set up for cyclists.  How cool.  They only ask for donations.  I think it's a great idea because it really brings in the cyclists into the town to spend money on food.  Every cyclist we passed said that we had to stay in Monroeville.  No cyclist ever said we had to stay in Xville or Yville.