Cute Town - Durango - 9/6/2006

Dave texted me this morning saying it was so cold that when he got up, he had to just start riding as opposed to waiting to meet for breakfast at 9:00am as planned.  After getting our laundry from the laundry room with the help of the correct key (damn motel people gave us the wrong key yesterday), we rode a few blocks into "downtown" Mancos for breakfast.  We found the best bakery ever.  I wished this bakery was in every town we visited.  There was so much on the menu that I wanted to try out, but this was only breakfast.

After breakfast, we walked around town a little.  Cute shops.  Ed found a cowboy hat store and thinking he's a cowboy (remember how he already bought the ranger set?), he got fitted for a custom made hat, to be shipped to Brooklyn.  Oh my, he's going to get beat up in New York.  Remember the Seinfeld episode where Kramer took all of Jerry's shoes to the cleaners and all Jerry was left with was a pair of cowboy boots?  And I'm sure about this, but I think somehow Jerry was also wearing a cowboy hat.  Then he finds himself in a bad part of town and people were chasing him down the street because he appeared to be from out of town.  I fear the same for Ed.  I made Ed repeat after me, "I am not a cowboy, I am not a cowboy."

After shopping a little more, we headed to Durango.  The ride seemed to be mostly uphill.  Dammit.  And there was so much debris in the road.  A few miles outside of Durango, it started raining hard.  F!  And it was so cold, too.  It must have dropped 10-20 degrees in temperature when this rain came.  I was freezing.  Did I mention the heavy headwind in the wind, too?  If I haven't mentioned it, it has rained every afternoon during my stay in Colorado.  Normally the rain comes around 3:00 or 4:00pm.  Today it came at 2:00pm.  I thought we were safe from the rain since we almost made it to our destination and it was only 2:00pm.  No!

We ducked into a Native American jewelry store where Ed bought himself yet another ranger set.  How many ranger sets does one man need?  And they're not cheap either.

When the rain was over, we rode the last few miles into Durango.  While hitting the outter limits of the city, we saw this awesome sign.  Good sense of humor - the next h/motel was right next door.

Arriving in the heart of the town, I'm glad we're spending a few days here (Ed's flight is not for another 4 days).  Durango is a really cute town.  The main strip has lots of nice shops.  There's a college in Durango as well.  Beyond the historic downtown area is a stripmall type of road.  We stayed at the Econolodge at the border of the downtown area and the stripmall area.  Historic hotels in downtown were way too expensive.

After offloading our gear in the motel, we rode back into the downtown area to look around.  First order of business was looking at a bike shop to find some decent tires for Dave so he can stop getting so many damn flats (he got another one or two this morning riding into Durango).  Also, we needed to find a bike shop to pack and ship Ed's bike.

After some more shopping, we went to a restaurant bar for dinner.  We called Dave to join us.  He said he would, but he never showed up.  After we were done with dinner, I called Dave and he was still sitting in a hottub.  Serenity now.  If he knew he didn't want to do dinner with us, why didn't he just say so instead of making us wait forever?

We rode back to the motel in the dark and cold.  Damn, Colorado nights are really cold.