Cover Girl Yet Again - American Iron and Steel Institute 2007 Annual Report

Would you believe it if I told you I made it to the cover of an annual report?  Yes, the American Iron and Steel Institute's 2007 Annual Report!

What happened is:  The AISI wanted to use a picture of the unishere for the cover of their annual report since the structure is made of steel.  They Googled for unisphere images.  Next they sorted the results by largest resolution (since this was to be printed, they wanted a high res picture).  Guess what, my picture came up as the top picture!  Since the picture is connected to my blog, the P.R. person contacted me for permission to use the picture.  The rest is history.  Sure, they could have used any stock photo of the unisphere, but they wanted a human element to the picture - to remind us how much steel is a part of our life and we don't even really notice it.  It's true.  When I took this picture during my first ever century in 2005, I was just taking a picture with an awesome piece of art.  The thought that it was made of steel never crossed my mind.

Here's the website and the saved copy (in case the website is down or the URL is removed because the 2007 annual report is no longer the most recent annual report).  If you look on the 2nd page of the PDF (the inside cover), I get a little mention :-)