Another Warm Shower - Colorado Springs - 8/21/2006

Today, we left Canon City for Colorado Springs.  Note to self:  don't stay in a canyon - it only means you have to climb to get out of it.  We went up this massive hill for about 20 minutes.  It was worth it because the scenery was very rewarding.

Normally when you go uphill, they have 2 lanes for the uphill side because some cars/trucks are slower than other cars.  The unfortunate thing about this is, when they put in the 2nd lane, they took out the shoulder.  So, it was very stressful trying to climb a hill on the right side of the road as opposed to the shoulder.  I guess a good thing is since there are 2 lanes, the cars can dodge you pretty easily.

I think this is another 1st sighting of mountains for us.

Route 115 to Colorado Springs is a road they cut out on the side of the mountains.  Here's some pretty scenery.

Here's a nice shot of my butt.  Oh yeah, the scenery is pretty nice, too.  Really gorgeous mountain views today.

It was cool.  After hours of riding, we finally approached Colorado Springs.  At one point, we crested a hill and we just saw this sprawling city below us.  It had to be Colorado Springs.  I mean, what other city could it possibly be?

Here's my favorite sign ever.  We got a nice truck downhill into Colorado Springs.  It's been a while since I've seen this sign.  I guess I'll be seeing a lot more in Colorado.

So exciting to hit a real city, finally!

Tonight, we stayed with Alan and Pat, our host.  Throughout the day, we called all the warmshowers hosts in Colorado Springs.  Amazingly, there were a handful.  We couldn't get in touch with anyone and finally just before arriving into Colorado Springs, we were able to contact Alan who gave us wonderful directions to their house in the Broadmoor neighborhood.

When we arrived at Alan and Pat's (and doggies Chipper and Napolean) house, we were greeted with good news that tonight they were having a party for Alan's riding group and Pat's woman's group.  What a bonus.

After some lunch and quick Internetting, we rode our bikes with Alan to downtown Colorado Springs to meet his riding group.  I was intimidated by the 50 water bottles laying around the house, but Alan assured me that his group was considered a leisurely pace group.  No problem.  I kept up with the group no problem.  We rode through some beautiful neighborhoods and parks.  It was cute - just before we got back to Alan's house, we had to go through a traffic circle.  Instead of immediately going in and out, the group noticed there was no traffic so we did circles in the circle.  It was quite fun.

Back at home, I grabbed a quick shower before joining the rest of the gang for dinner.  After dinner, a few riding members, Dave and I watched the cycling animated movie, Les Triplettes de Belleville.