Cleveland Rocks - Shaker Heights - 7/22/2006

This morning, we had a late start.  Probably because I stayed up so late on the Internet and also because it was pouring rain outside. After breakfast with Jerry, we finally headed out to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum.  Here I am waiting for the train.  It was actually a pretty cold day today.

Bit of history...  As we were riding towards Shaker Heights/Cleveland, the only song we had in our heads was the Drew Carey Show opening song. Do you remember the opening shots where they go busting out of a warehouse with their arms in the air, symbolizing escape from "The Man"?  That's all Dave and I could sing/act out.

Now that we're in Cleveland, we wanted to bust out of a warehouse but 1) there's no open warehouse to bust out of and 2) just 2 of us busting out isn't that awesome.  So, when we got to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, we thought this would be our Drew Carey moment. Here we are being silly.

The museum was really fun.  There's just so much.  Hard to fit it all in one day.  Lots of listening stations where I would flip through songs really fast because I can name that tune with a few beats. Notable, we went around the Bob Dylan exhibit.  I didn't really know much about Bob Dylan but hey, I was there, so might as well see what all the hype is about.  To me, his most famous song is Like a Rolling Stone.  Other interesting tidbits is he wrote The Byrd's "Tambourine Man" as well the "Blowin' in the Wind" which everybody and their brother have covered.  He also got his start in the West Village in New York City. Since going to this exhibit, I've decided that the young Bob Dylan is hot! Don't know what it is - the curly hair, the talent, not sure. But, young Bob Dylan is definitely a hottie.

We also saw this movie montauge of all the inductees into the Hall of Fame.  Lots of great rock and roll out there.  Too bad today's music pretty much sucks.

They did not allow pictures inside the museum.  The lobby area was okay so this is the only one I could take.  This is a guitar in tribute to John Lennon painted by Yoko Ono.  It's titled "Imagine" or something like that.  The blue goes well with my jacket.

We took the train back to Shaker Heights.  By the time we got home, it was something like 5:00pm and started to rain again.  We actually saw Jerry in his car in his neighborhood where I asked if it would okay to spend one more night at his house.  He already assumed so since it was late and cold and rainy.  Good ole Jerry!  Talk about good ole Jerry, back at home, he made soup, fish and a bundt cake for dinner for us. He even bought us Clif Bars for the road!  What an amazing host!  At dinner, I told Dave how it hit me today that I'm actually riding cross country and we've actually pedaled to Ohio.  Really amazing stuff.

Later in the evening, I met another one of Jerry's friends who had a ton of questions for me as well. I love sharing my story with others.

Here's a picture of us with Jerry.