Errands and Resting Before Nevada Deserts - Cedar City - 9/23/2006

This morning, I woke up and made a nice breakfast of French toast, ham, fruit and yogurt.  Of course we saved some for our host (who woke up hours later).

I told Dave I didn't want to ride today.  I'm still a little tired from yesterday's beating.  But also, we're about to venture into the unknown Nevada deserts.  I wanted to get some supplies and just do errands.  So errands I did all day.  We split up.  I went to Walmart to burn some backup DVD copies of my digital images.  I also went to a few bike shops to find another pair of tights.  It's not so much that mine weren't warm enough, my existing tights have the chamois.  Since I'm also wearing shorts, that's 2 layers of padding - too much.  Why not just wear my tights and not the shorts, you ask?  Because the chamois of the tights are not good enough.  I also bought a new smaller water bottle.  My water bottle from my local bike shop in New York City has seen better days.  I believe a science project is starting in my water bottle.  Gross.  Anyhow, after dropping $50-100 on the pair of tights, I was actually a little offended that I had to pay for the water bottle.  I mean, my NYC bike shop is always offering me a (free) water bottle.

Last errand of the day was library time.  The Cedar City public library was really big.  At the end of the day, I saw Dave also at the library.  I remember being really pissed off at him because he had all day to hit the bike shops to get some supplies that he needed (I don't remember what, but I remember he need some stuff, like spare tubes and things that mattered) but he didn't do it.  It's like a game to him - how much can he get away without buying before he's completely stranded.  So, now it's like 15 minutes before the bike shops close and he's finally rushing out the library to get to them.  And of course this is only because I happened to run into him.  Serenity now.

Getting to and from the library, I had to deal with a university homecoming parade.  I did not stop to partake in any parade festivities.  Instead, I just found my way home to start a lasagna dinner.  Yummy.  Homemade lasagna and garlic bread.  Kyle brought a friend, Bosh, home for dinner.  Dave drilled the two boys about the Mormon beliefs.  Dave just likes to learn about religion, although he doesn't believe in it (this is my observation, not necessarily a fact), but he can be a little confrontational to the people he's drilling.

Here's a picture of us with Kyle.  Check out my tan line!

After dinner, I finally finished my The Other Boleyn Girl book.