The Price is Right - Cannonville - 9/20/2006

Here we are with our gracious hosts, grandma and grandpa Leah and DeLane.  They invited us to have breakfast with them.  Of course, I took over as chef and took care of the bacon and eggs.  Leah gave me her homemade mustard recipe.  She wrote it in my Curious George book.

Here's DeLane playing Just a Gigolo on his guitar.

After Dave tried to make arrangements for a new tire (It's about time.  I'm so tired of all his flats that I don't even count them anymore.  I mean, I can't count that high.) to be shipped to a few town down the road, we headed out.

Today's wind was killer.  I was down to 4 mph on the flats!  Oh my God, it was kicking my ass.  It was worse than that day in Kansas when I wanted to cry.  What made this even more hard is we have hills to deal with.  At one point, Dave was waiting for me but as I approached him, I noticed that the weather vane was in our favor so I had to just go without stopping.  It was so bad.

We had a 12% downhill but it so windy and curvy, not to mention such a high grade, that I was braking a lot.  Just like the other day when we were Waiting for Godot, I was really afraid the wind was going to knock me off my bike.  It was pretty bad.

For a brief moment, we had cell phone reception!  So joyous.  This was the first time in 6-7 days.  Both of us just stopped on the side of the road and made phone calls.

Here's a picture of the canyon (town just ahead before all those mountains) where we would end our day.

So we stopped in Cannonville for lunch.  When we stopped, the skies were so dark and threatening outside.  No wonder we were being blown around all day.  I killer storm was on the way.  The motel gift shop/grocery store had benches where we could eat.  After some lunch, Dave went out to find alternative housing.  The motel where we were eating was asking for way much - $100.  It's probably because they are the closest town to Bryce Canyon National Park.  The store lady (who by the way is also the motel manager) asked if were going to Bryce and needed a place to stay.  Since they were too expensive for us, she helped us by calling ho/motels closer to Bryce.  I don't know what we were thinking but closer to the park only means more expensive.  The places she called wanted $150+.  Sucks.

While waiting for Dave to come back, I just sat in the store reading my book.  Dave finally came back with a townie.  The townie was trying to help Dave get in touch with the Church, but we already know how successful we've been with that, right?  Apparently Dave and this townie went to the KOA campgrounds and they wanted $89 for us to pitch a tent.  Are you kidding me?  Dave was somehow able to talk it down to $45.  Ugh, I don't want to camp, especially given how cold it's been in Utah and the imminent weather.  With amazing kindness, the townie offered to pay for our motel stay here at this motel.  He started taking out his checkbook and writing.  Oh no!  We may be frugal but we're not poor.  And we're certainly not going to take money from anyone.  Letting us crash in your house is one thing, but actually paying for our housing is completely unacceptable.  The store man (husband of the store woman and again also the motel manager) asked me since he knew I was the boss of this odd relationship what it would take for us to stay with them at the hotel.  I told him the campground was offering $45 but I really don't want to sleep on the ground so could he do $50?  Can you believe it?  He accepted my offer.  From $100 down to $50.  I'm good.  He either felt sorry for us or wanted us to stop loitering in his store, but either way, he was very kind to give us a reduced rate.  He told us not to tell the owners (his in-laws).  Secret's safe with me, friend.  Pretty nice of him since we took the last room and there were plenty of people coming in after us asking about a place to stay.

In the comforts of my indoor shelter and plumbing, I took a shower.  Dave went out to tool around town.  Our room was actually really huge.  After the shower, I cleaned and lubed my bike.  Afterward, I just stayed in bed reading my book.  Then, it was getting late and I was wondering where Dave was.  This whole time waiting for him, it turns out he was in the store using the internet/computer.  Damn, had I known, I would have bogarted the computer.  Dave was surprised I didn't know about the computer.  Anyhow, we had dinner in the store, at the same bench where we had lunch.  We just had microwaved rice, canned tuna and veggies.  Not a lot of options, but not that bad.  During dinner, we just chatted with the motel owner.  Among other things, she was telling us she had something like 9 kids and countless grandchildren.  After dinner, I claimed the computer to be mine for the rest of the evening.