Can't Camp Without a Campfire - Bemus Point - 7/18/2006

We left really early this morning (woke up at 6am, left by 7am) because Carolyn needed to get to a meeting.  She drove us back to Salamanca, NY (which incidentally is 21 miles from Bradford, PA).  Truly amazing people out there!

Unfortunately, when my bike was on the truck, somehow the chain slipped pasted the granny gear.  Dammit!  How could it possibly get past the chain guard that we installed in Binghamton, NY?  Since the chain guard is pretty close to the granny gear (so it can't slip past granny gear, but clearly it can), we couldn't get the chain past the chain guard back onto the granny gear.  So, we had to break the chain and re-thread it.  Somehow Dave's chain tool broke so it didn't have a good grip of my chain.  So when he was trying to put the chain back together, it was just bending the link.  Dammit.  So, we had to just take out one link and start over, this time a little more careful when trying to close up the links.  Ugh, now my damn front shifting is all off again.

We rode a little until we got to a what I called the Legion of Doom (remember the Superfriends cartoon?).  Okay, it's a Legion of Something (you know, that adult fraternity type of club).  We sat on their picnic tables and had our breakfast of fruit and yogurt.  We were actually pretty low on supplies today.

Running low on energy (and did I mention I am out of Gatorade mix?), we stopped at a bar where we had a burger and chicken wings.  Not the healthiest snack (I'd say this was a late breakfast, early lunch, but not quite elegant enough to call it a brunch), but I needed food!  In the bar, I took a cat nap before the food came since I had to wake up so damn early.  People in the bar are probably wondering why this woman in spandex is sleeping in the booth.  I didn't care, I just wanted my Zzz's.

Back on the road, we went through some road repaving where flagman #1 let us through.  Of course, he has to walkie talkie to flagman #2 down the road to let #2 know that 2 cyclists were the last ones through before letting the oncoming traffic through.  I felt really bad that the cars on the other end had to wait for us so I climbed as fast as I could.  Did you catch that?  Climbed.  Dammit, there was a slight hill and I just had to plow through it because I didn't want to hold up the traffic.  It seemed to go for at least a mile (probably less than that, but it sure seemed like that long).

We finally made it to a grocery store where I was able to buy some Gatorade mix.  Yum, Gatorade.  I can't believe I had to last 1/2 day without it.  Here I am brewing up some magic formula.

When we got to Jamestown, NY, I took my bike into a bikeshop (Jamestown Cycle Shop) to have them look at my front derailleur since the chain had slipped on the truck this morning.  These guys were so nice - they immediately looked at my bike.  A few adjustments were necessary since my chain was now one link shorter.  And, the nicest thing, they didn't take any of my money.  They said it wasn't everyday they get a cross country cyclist coming through their store.  So nice!

We made it to Bemus Point, NY for the evening.  This is a nice tourist town with lots of cute restaurants.  Unfortunately, the tourist town also equated to hotels that cost in the $150 range.  So, we camped.  As it turns out, the campsite was pretty nice.  Gravel instead of dirt roads.  The bathrooms were amazingly clean.  There was even a pool.  This man even built us a campfire because he said, "you can't go camping without a campfire."  His son gave us more wood because he didn't think we had enough wood.  The amount of niceness in this country is amazing.  People are just offering us goodwill.

Tired from a long day, we opted to have a camping meal instead of heading back out to the tourist center for dinner.  We had some pasta and miso soup.  We also boiled more water and added it to a backpacker meal packet.  It was pretty decent.  It's not a gourmet meal, but it feeds you.

Here we are in front of our campfire.