My New York Cycle Club SIG training started on a cold and very windy 40 degree day - March 18, 2006.  A hundred or so cycling enthusiast arrived at Central Park to do 3 laps around the park so the leaders could place us into appropriate groups.  18+ miles and 1.5 hours later, I was placed in C2.  C SIG, group 2.  C3 and C4 being a faster pace and C1 being the slowest pace.  C2 initial pace is 13-14 mph.

So funny, on the 1st weekend ride, I had to find my group at the Boat House in Central Park.  Sorry as it is, I just looked for the group of misfits that had sneakers, street shorts/jeans, etc.  Hey, I was in this group so I can make fun of it.

Every Saturday, for eight Saturdays in a row, we learned new skills - hand signals, calling out road hazards, riding single file, sharing the road with cars, basic maintenance, carrying a bike up steps, cornering, leading.  And, each week, the distance and level of difficulty grew.  We biked throughout New York and New Jersey - Cresskill, Tarrytown, Rye, Nyack, Piermont.

You could see how everybody improved as each week went by.  Some people got new clipless pedals, some people improved on their hill climbs.  I was usually at the front of the pack, talking trash with the other front of the pack-ers.  I enjoyed the challenge fellow rider, Bill, gave me as we raced up most hills.  (I'm in training so I had to kick these East Coast hills if I was going to have a chance at crossing the Rockies.)

Here's everybody at week 8 as we did our graduation ride, conquering Churchill Road.  How do you like my ultra cool stance I learned from former professional racer, Michael, and my intimidating Curious George jersey?  C2 members are: (leaders) Chris, Debbie, Mitch, Gail, Kathy, Mitchell, Michael; (SIGgies) Andrea, Bill, Rob, Ed, Andy, Romy, Marla, Erica, Nancy and me.

The C in C SIG used to stand for cabbing it.  Now, it stands for cross country, baby!