Faith in Mankind Restored - Boonville - 8/6/2006

Last night (camping), I woke up at 2:00am to use the restroom.  I was most upset to find my backup cell phone missing (I was charging it in the bathroom).  In exchange, they left a beer can on the sink (when the trashcan was inches away).  So bummed.  So pissed.  There was nothing I could do about it so I just went back to sleep.

In the morning, I told Dave about it.  What could we do, though.  While taking care of my morning routine in the bathroom, "Boston" (guy who gave us veggies last night) was around and Dave told him about the cell phone.  It was a very small town so it was worth telling someone in case some punk without a cell phone somehow starts using one; it would be a coincidence.  Boston gave us his contact information and we gave him ours.  We took longer to get ready in the morning than normal - probably because I was bummed.  I mean, we've had nothing but kindness on this trip and this one incident has to stand out.  Just as we were about to take off, Boston comes over to us with my cell phone and charger!  He mentioned the cell phone to tenants renting a room/apartment in his house and this girl's brother found it in the bathroom at night and took it to give to the ranger today.  Phew.  He was just trying to do a good deed.  And, that is why/how my faith in mankind has been restored.

Along the KATY Trail is this bamboo grass type thing - usually in the damper/river areas.  Wish I was home when I saw all of this so I could take some.  They sell plastic versions of this at Pottery Barn for a premium.

The scenery around the KATY Trail is amazing and ever so changing.  There's farms, crops, woods, river, just openness, covered with trees, cliffs.  It's really a beautiful trail.  Wish all states would have this.  Here's possibly our last view of the Missouri River.

Along the trail, there was a detour/pit stop where you can leave your bike at the bottom of the mountain and hike.  A sign at the bottom says, "steep climb, spectacular views."  The climb wasn't that bad, but I suppose it could be for a non-triathlete and cross country cyclist like myself - hehe.  And indeed, the view was spectacular.  When we got to a viewpoint, you look out and all you see is lush farmlands.  It was really nice to see this for miles.

We came to the McBaine trailhead where we snacked and rested.  While just standing around talking, Dave's front tube exploded.  No idea why it did, but it did.  So, he had to fix his flat.  So many cyclists also stopped at this rest stop and we just talked to everyone.  Everyone exchanged stories of what to expect on both directions of the trail.  Eventually, we met a woman cross country cyclist, Caedmon, and we talked to her for a long time.  After a bit, I realized I had actually emailed her (through Adventure Cycling) when I was looking for a cross country riding partner.  She was cycling from San Francisco to Washington DC and then to Philadelphia.  I asked her if she had any interest in going from New York to San Francisco and she said no because she was getting car support from her uncle in the Nevada deserts.  And, I had no interest in going Eastbound.  Therefore, we did not match up.  It was pretty cool to run into her, though.

An hour or two later, we finally left the McBaine rest stop.  This is way longer than necessary, but it was fun talking to everyone.  Here's the trailhead.  Look at the population of this town.

One of the sites cyclists at the McBaine rest stop told us to veer off to see was this 400 year old tree.  Look at the width of the trunk.  It's many times that of me.

We stopped at this cafe right on the trail for lunch.  Talk about a cash cow - it's right there on the trail.  There, we hid from the heat for a bit.  It was extremely hot again.  It occurred to me at lunch there's all these model/makes of Gatorade.  There's classic, frost, xtremo, fierce, rain and x-factor.  I'm sure I'm missing some and they'll come out with even more.  I believe I've tried most if not all the Gatorade flavors out there.  They are all good.

Here's a cave along the trail.  You can no longer go into the cave because it's privately owned to try to preserve it.

This is a tunnel we went through.  It was so cool (as in air conditioning) in there.

Here's another great one of the trees that dome over to make a nice tunnel effect.

Just before arriving at our destination, Boonville, Missouri, we crossed paths with a couple going cross country Eastbound with a medium/big dog in tow.  Very cute, but I felt kind of sorry for the dog because it was so hot and he couldn't really tell his owners how he really needed water badly.

And, before we could arrive at our motel, Dave got another flat.  That's two for the day!  And, again, it was as we were going over a bridge.  Perhaps there's always a lot of glass just before going over a bridge.

After a huge climb, we checked into a Super 8 Motel.  It was rather nice with a computer with Internet access in the lobby.

Tonight was our first night of fast food from the entire trip.  We had a KFC buffet.  Not sure if KFC made any money off of us.  I only had 2 pieces of chicken and lots of sides.  Dave on the other hand, had plates after plates of everything on the menu.  That's okay, he wanted to stick it to The Man.

Tonight was the first night I had to do paid laundry on our trip.  It's been a few days since we had a host family with laundry services so I wanted some clean clothes (cleaner than what I can do in the sink).

Interesting thing happened this evening as I was Internetting away in the m/hotel lobby.  I got an email from a fan (someone I actually don't know who somehow found my website and has been in sporatic contact) mentioning that I may run into another cyclist, Caedmon, because he knows that she's also on the KATY Trail the same time we are.  What a small world - I already ran into her today!