Bland Day - Blanding - 9/13/2006

Today was lots of uphills with headwinds.  Story of this trip, right?  The terrain was lots of rocks and cliffs.

Don't remember why I took this picture.  I'm sure the scenery made an impact on me at the time.

We also came across this reservoir that had the colors of Caribbean waters!  So beautiful.  This picture doesn't do the reservoir justice.  You'll just have to bike here yourself to see it.

Here are some signs along the road that I do not enjoy seeing.

The reason I didn't like the above sign and the following sign is:  it means the road is about to get so (up) hilly that it requires a passing lane so slower cars and trucks can get in the right lane while stronger/faster cars can pass on the left lane.

This is a welcomed sign because it means the road is no longer hilly so there is no more need for the 2nd lane.  Merge left.

This is the best sign of all!  Truck downhill!  Weeeeeee!

Being on the road for so long, I don't even really need to read the signs.  I am able to tell what the sign is about to say based on my surroundings and the size, shape and color of the sign from a distance.

Today, we only did 26 miles because of Dave's condition.  Also, because we knew what lies ahead - not a whole lot (of life, cell phone reception, etc).

When we arrived in Blanding, we went to the Visitor Center because we're visitors.  Yeah, they had computers and internet.  After a little grocery store lunch, we went to the library for internet time.  After we were kicked off the computers, Dave went to look for alternative housing and I went shopping.  Not really looking to buy anything, just killing time.  Actually, I was trying my luck at finding a concho belt that cost less than the $1000-6000 versions I found in Durango, CO.  It was interesting (actually, this stuff should not surprise me anymore, but it still does), the man at the jewelry store I went in, as well as a woman at the grocery store, said s/he saw us as we rode into town.  We're like local short-term celebrities!

After the little bit of shopping, I went back to the library where I was granted more access time.  When the library finally closed, I called Dave and he gave up on the alternative housing and checked himself into a motel.  Hungry, I went to dinner alone because Dave was not feeling up to the task.  After dinner, I called Dave to see if he wanted to go to the grocery store to get out of the motel and get some air.  He agreed.  It took him a while to get to the grocery store (not more than a mile away) because he was so disoriented.  This is literally a one stop light town and he couldn't remember which way to go at the stop light.  After waiting for a while, he finally found his way to the grocery store.  There, I called Ed for Dave to have Dave discribe his symptoms to the good doctor.  Based on what Dave said, Ed suggested some Mylanta.  Back at the motel, Dave had some microwave rice packets and Mylanta for his dinner as I took my shower and went to bed.