Can't Seem to Get Out of Missouri - Adrian - 8/9/2006

Today was our first day out in the real world again (off the KATY Trail).  The minute we got on the main road, we were hit with a very strong headwind.  It just smacked us in the face.  Western Missouri is very hilling.  Lots of rolling hills.  At one point, we came across a stretch of the road where there were 100s of smashed and live grasshoppers.  It was really gross.  Crunch.  It was like a George Seurat impressionist painting to me.

As usual, today was another blazing hot day.  It was so hot, even the cows seeked reprieve from the sun in the shade.  Look at them - they're so cute.

For sanity and safety sake, we always stop into convenience stores for our cool beverage of choice, Gatorade.  When we did today, the cashier and one of the patrons were interested in our story.  After sharing our story, we asked if they knew anyone in Drexel, Missouri (our hopeful ending destination for the day - very close to the Kansas border) where we could crash.  As far as we know, there's no official accomodations in Drexel.  This one lady called her friend who lives near Drexel to see if she knew any pastors there.  When nothing came up, she called her pastor friend in town, Brother/Pastor Paul.  To our surprise, Brother Paul said he'd come meet us at the convenience store in a few minutes.  So amazing how people just stop what they're doing in these small towns and come out and help you.

In a bit, Brother Paul met us at the convenience store where he soon offered us housing at his place if we couldn't find anything else.  We went to his church, Adrian Christian Church, to make phone calls.  After unsuccessful phone calls to churches in Drexel, we took up Brother Paul's generous offer.  He took us to the grocery store then we rode to his house about 5 miles away.  After a massive hill, we met his wife, Dawn, at their house where we were offered showers and laundry services.  I made dinner which consisted of steak, pasta, corn, grilled asparagus, home grown tomatoes and roasted potatoes (not pictured - still in the oven).

Without Internet in the house, I finally opened my book and read a bit before sleeping on a very comfortable bed of their daughter, who is away for the week/weekend.